User Generated Content News: LeBron James, Snapchat, + More

A few brands have made headlines recently with their innovative uses of UGC. Here’s what’s new in user generated content news!

LeBron James Gets a UGC Video from Sprite

Sprite congratulated LeBron James, one of their brand ambassadors, on the Cleveland Cavaliers’ finals win with a fan video. James, who’s known for his inventive handshakes with team members, provided inspiration for thousands of fans to create their own handshakes and share them on social media with the hashtag #DapTheKing.

Bobby Oliver, the director of Sprite and Citrus Brands at Coca-Cola, North America, commented, “Our Sprite #DapTheKing program is almost entirely social media-driven…To help salute James and commemorate the historic win, we wanted to engage fans of Sprite and James.”

Sprite then compiled some of the best submissions into a video that it shared with its audience on social. Watch it below.


Snapchat Files Patent Hinting at Paying UGC Contributors

While this amounts to little more than rumours at this point, the LA Times ran a story about Snapchat filing a patent related to branded content promotion. The paper notes that Snapchat could “automatically…analyze annotations on an image, including text and digital stickers, to prompt users to place their images in a gallery that others could access on the app…The company could also use computer-vision technology to identify objects in an image–say, a Coke bottle–to encourage a user to share the shot in a Coca-Cola-sponsored story. Contributors could walk away with cash through a flat fee or some other deal based on views or sales generated by the story.”

The patent also discussed the use of audio-recognition software to piece together short videos showcasing different users singing a certain song. Snapchat employed this technology during the holidays, when it created a mash-up for “The 12 Days of Christmas.” The patent notes that users who get featured in an audio timeline like this could get compensated.

Anya Hindmarch Does Pixelated UGC

In other user generated content news, luxury brand Anya Hindmarch has launched a UGC app inspired by its Fall/Winter 2016 look.

According to a description within the app, “the Autumn Winter 2016 collection examines pixelation and colour: the building blocks of digital design…[Hindmarch is] fascinated with the debates surrounding digital design as ‘art,’ so [we] have started at the beginning, with early 8 bit graphics and pioneering arcade games. We’ve explored each design using innovative leatherwork techniques such as heat-fusing and leather marquetry.”

Fans of the designer can give their photos the same 8 bit treatment while exploring the collection and fashion show. The app also links to the designer’s website.  Here’s how it looks:

The app lets users modify their photos in four different styles and then share them.

The app lets users modify their photos in four different styles and then share them.


Here's an example of its pixelated effect.

Here’s an example of its pixelated effect.


Consumers can peek at the collection and go to Anya Hindmarch's site.

Consumers can peek at the collection and go to Anya Hindmarch’s site.


Users can share their photos with the hashtag #PIXbyAnya.

Users can share their photos with the hashtag #PIXbyAnya.



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