Why You Need to Invest in User Generated Content Campaigns

by Natasha Ambavle |

Why You Need to Invest in User Generated Content Campaigns

Imagine a world, where you wouldn’t have to invest in expensive advertisements and paid campaigns to promote your brand. Imagine a time, when your existing customers did that job for you. Well, the time is Now and user generated content campaign is the answer to all your prayers!

User generated content campaigns have been gaining tremendous traction in the past few years. With some of the best user generated content campaigns, brands like Nike, Coca Cola, Airbnb, Samsung, Calvin Klein to various tourists associations, have been successful in not just keeping the brand relevant but have also significantly improved brand affinity and credibility.

User Generated Content

It is really quite self-explanatory; User generated content is basically content that is created by the users or customers themselves. The content could be anything from blogs, articles, reviews, videos, images to podcasts.

User Generated Campaign

A user generated content campaign is when a brand utilizes user’s content to promote itself. The question you might ask here is, ‘Why should I use content created by amateurs when I have an expert and experienced team at my disposal?’ Well, the answer lies in the statists.

According to The State of UCG 2021 Report

  • 72% of brands believe that UGC helps them to connect with their customers and foster customers’ trust in the brand.
  • 87% of brands are using UGC to share authentic content with their audience.
  • 90% of consumers find user generated content helpful and relevant.

Relevance in Today’s World

One of the biggest learnings of 2020 includes the true power of social media and user generated content. According to a report by Statista, “As of January 2021, there were approximately 269.5 million mobile internet users in the United States, representing over 90% of all active internet users nationwide.” With more than half of the world’s population isolating themselves, social media became an outlet to express yourself, sharing an opinion and even a stage to connect and engage with brands more than ever before.

The year 2020 also highlighted the true potential of user generated content and the marketing world witnessed some of the best user generated content campaigns since. The State of UGC 2021 report also states that “93% of marketers agree that consumers trust content created by real people rather than content created by brands.” This fact is also backed by a popular study by Nielsen which reports that 92% of the consumers trust user generated, organic content above all other forms of advertising.

Even after the suspension of the worldwide lockdown, the statistics with regards to user generated content have seen improvement. This clearly indicates that advertising through user generated content is the new normal that offers better ROI than any other form of advertising.

How Can You Benefit from User Generated Content?

User generated content campaigns are more than just marketing strategies that are aimed at increasing revenue and sales. In these times of disruptive marketing, user generated content campaigns are an important brand-building activity with an obvious impact on revenue as well.

Compared to other marketing forms, these campaigns are cost-efficient while offering a better ROI. Since the content created here is by the customer for the customers, the engagement, relevancy and effectiveness of the content is quite high. Users believe and prefer reading genuine reviews created by other customers than watching paid advertisements. User generated content also creates a strong online presence, which is crucial in today’s day and age.

Five Best User Generated Content Campaigns

  1. Calvin Klein – #MyCalvins is one of the most successful and well-known user generated content campaigns. By roping in celebrities and influencers, the brand urged their social media audience to click a picture in their Calvin Klein underwear and post it on their feed under the hashtag #MyCalvins. The response was tremendous and is still popular today, influencing users to post pictures in #MyCalvins.
  2. The Denver Museum of Art – One of the most recent and trending campaigns is one by the Denver Museum of Art. When the museum opened in June 2020 after the global lockdown, as protocol, visitors were requested to wear a mask while in the premises. The Museum started posting pictures of visitors in their masks and soon organic content was generated by all the visitors themselves. The museum even added a link to safety protocol on each picture which eventually resulted in high footfall and traction for the museum.
  3. GroPro – One of the best user generated content campaigns, in recent years is by GoPro. GropPro launched the campaign with a simple hashtag #GoPro and roped in travel bloggers and influencers from all over the world to post pictures using the cam and under the hashtag. GoPro even organized some trips for these influencers and for the next couple of months, social media was flooded with travel images with the hashtag.
  4. Goodreads – This cannot be categorized as a campaign but it is an excellent example of user generated content. Goodreads is an online community/website for book lovers. The content on the website is solely generated by users. Readers from all across the world post book reviews, thereby generating organic content for the website.
  5. Nike – Dominated by male ambassadors, the sports equipment and footwear industry required equal women representation. Nike’s #Betterforit campaign focused on the women’s collection and encouraged women to share images of them working out in their Nike apparel under the hashtag. The campaign is one of the best user generated content campaigns, as it received tremendous response and helped the collection gain massive traction.

How To Effectuate Organic and Powerful User Generated Content

Now that you have learned about the true potential of user generated content, the big question still remains, ‘How do you make your customers create content for you?’. The most efficient way to do so is by incentivizing them. Reward or incentivize your customers for writing reviews, posting feedback, or creating content for your brand. It is a win-win situation for both – you and your customers. To learn more about how you can positively reinforce your customers, connect with Team Annex Cloud.

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