Annex Cloud Has United with Worldpay to Streamline Earning Loyalty Rewards

by Rohan Ahire |

Annex Cloud Has United with Worldpay to Streamline Earning Loyalty Rewards

Annex Cloud is pleased to announce an exciting new strategic partnership with Worldpay from FIS (NYSE: FIS) the global leader in payment processing. Worldpay is a leading payments technology company with unique capability to power global Omni-commerce, processing 75 billion transactions annually around the globe. With an integrated technology platform, Worldpay offers a comprehensive suite of products and services delivered globally through a single provider. Worldpay and Annex Cloud introduces a new Card-linked Loyalty program. Customers can now streamline earning loyalty rewards by using their payment cards to earn rewards.

It’s more important than ever to retain customers in today’s saturated eCommerce market and hence Loyalty programs are a great way to understand and reward customers. They also enable businesses to analyze and leverage shopper data. For customers purchasing in-store, connecting into a business’s Loyalty program can be inconvenient because it usually requires an additional step that includes swiping a Loyalty card, providing an email address or phone number, showing a QR code, or carrying a stamp card. These methods for shoppers to connect into a Loyalty card program is obsolete and do not demonstrate a great customer experience. For e.g. A shopper may forget their physical loyalty card or be in a rush and bypass entering their email address at the time of purchase. This results in the shoppers not receiving the rewards they deserve and businesses missing out on helpful insights about their customers.

There is a better way! The Annex Cloud & Worldpay Card-linked Loyalty solution makes connecting into a Loyalty program easier and more seamless for your customers. Now, shoppers will never miss out on rewards sales associates can be laser-focused on personal interactions, and merchants can gain insights into pertinent shopper behavior. Your payment card now becomes your Loyalty card. Every time you use your payment card the merchant will automatically recognize you as a Loyalty member and issue you your reward. Since the customer can be identified by their payment card, the payment card can then be linked to a business’ loyalty program. No more additional steps to receive your Loyalty rewards!

Card-link Loyalty simplifies the Loyalty rewards program by eliminating any bottlenecks such as carrying other cards, providing email accounts or phone numbers, etc. to earn rewards with Card-link Loyalty. All a shopper needs to do is pay for their purchase and Loyalty rewards are automatically linked to their account. The end result is a streamlined Loyalty program that works all the time and doesn’t require management from the end-user.

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