Twitter Brand Pages

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Twitter Brand Pages


Taking a leap out of Facebook and Google+ books Twitter has launched its new brand pages and I am sure that most of the brands by now would have started making a note of all the features that Twitter has to offer to market. 2102 seems to draw forward a big battle among the top 3 social networks to attract brands and consumers towards them.

As of now the brand pages by Twitter are available only for 21 brands but looking at what Twitter has offered it looks like these new features will allow brand’s an extra opportunity to interact withier followers than what they are doing currently. There are three things that stand out in the Twitter pages for brands which in a way make it unique and friendlier.

  • The new Twitter brand pages can be customized with large header images which advertisers can use to display their logo and tagline more clearly than the current format.
  • The availability of “featured tweet” is another great way for brands to showoff a particular promotion or product, this particular “featured tweet” stays at the top of the Timeline and that top tweet can then expand to show an embedded photo from YouTube, Flickr or any other application.
  • The new Twitter page will allow you to separate out your @mentions and @replies which should make it easier for brands to reply back to consumers.

As I said earlier that as of now these brand pages are launched only with 21 brands few of them are Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Disney, American Express, Dell, Chevrolet, Best Buy and some others. For now it’s possible that you may not be able to see these pages with your personal account also, Twitter plans to roll out these pages slowly. Overall as brand this is one more platform where you can show your consumers what your brand is all about and get them into an engagement with you.



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