Transitioning into Social Commerce

by Sean Ogino | Social Commerce, Social Sharing

Social Commerce has been slowly transitioning into businesses’ ecommerce sites with the evolution of consumer’s behaviors over the last year. Businesses’ alike have been implementing a new way for their consumers to shop via their websites. Although some have made the switch there are those that are hesitant to see what the real benefits of implementing a social layer can really do.

Over the past year social media has taken off with facebook leading the way with 8 million users. These social media platforms let it be Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest have changed the consumer landscape and have been changing their behaviors in the process. The concept of social media is to create relationships and to engage with different connections. Most businesses well have yet to really grasp this strategy and treat their brand pages as they do their ecommerce sites.  They treat them as just to sell products and not wanting to get to know the customer and understand them.  Having this relationship of knowing your customer has always been in place it goes back to the early stages of ecommerce.

With the holiday season approaching and some people like me counting down till Christmas, we want to have a more socially engaging shopping experience even if I am shopping online. With this holiday season more than ever people are turning to online shopping and want to be able to see what what the hottest gift is,  what are other people saying about a product, or even sharing to get a deal. Having these tools in place can bring conversions and sales within your community of social consumers.

Our sharing tools help businesses convert back from social to the site to bring traffic and revenue.  Like our share and save tool,   I don’t know about you, but if a business is telling me “Share this and Save”; I’m going to share. Now more than ever, especially in this economy people are looking for any way to save on gifts during the holiday season, businesses can capitalize on this economy and implementing a discount just to share your business website on a consumer’s timeline. Once the consumer has shared, businesses are getting more than just a share; you’re getting inside look in your consumer and having that potential reach into the consumer’s network.

Within social commerce, social shoppers can get a more personalized shopping experience with social discovery. Social discovery can implement a more personable feel towards the consumer and address the wants of what they might want to purchase this holiday season for themselves. Having the ability to access the consumers likes and etc can open doors to businesses can lead to a higher conversion rate. Not only does this social discovery, help consumers figure out what they want it shows consumers new items they never thought of thinking of buying before and plants that seed in the consumer’s mind.

Social strategy is vital to have with the social landscape and social consumer behavior that has been evolving over the last year. Consumers have always shopped in stores, now they will expect it online. More than ever especially holiday shopping will geared toward the social consumer.

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