Transition into Social Commerce

by Sean Ogino |

Many brands and retailers saw the shift last year in consumer online shopping with the start of something called social commerce. Many of these brands started to notice that not only were social networks good for publicizing your brand, but also bring in revenue.

The power of the Internet has made it possible for the sharing of information, which had made it very difficult years ago.

  • 80% of people trust recommendations from their friends
  • In the US 1 in 4 minutes is spent on the internet on Facebook

Social E-Commerce Platforms concentrates on the goals of retailers and brands that are looking to optimize their networks within their consumers.  For example, our Annex Cloud platform lets you implement tools to design to socialize your ecommerce site. Some of the tools we use are social sharing, which includes share, & save to help inspire your audience to share everywhere (product, pages, content, purchases and etc.) to get an opportunity to get an incentive.

Optimizing your customers network is the new SEO and how we implement the entire customer experience from consideration of a product to the influence a consumer has. Here at Annex Cloud we offer several of tools that can help your brand or retail company

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