Tracking Social Media Efforts

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Tracking Social Media Efforts

With brands and marketers using the Social platform to promote themselves realizing the potential of Social Media is important. The efforts that you put in to help your company grow via social platforms need to measured time and again, to check the development and make necessary changes if required.

When tracking your success of any social media marketing one key element is to set your goals first. Items that are important to measure for success are direct sales from social media, prospects and leads, mentions and conversation, and sentiment. Customer service is another such item that is often overlooked when we talk about social networking and thus paying close attention to the customer complaint along with solving them quick is also essential.

To keep a track whether your social media efforts are paying off here few points this might be helpful:

  • Review the quality and significance of the content you post or the content regarding you that the readers have access to.
  • Measure and track the size of your communities on various sites. This is essential in determining whether you are adding more value through social strategy.
  • Go through the mentions and tags, and learn from them. Divide them into positive, negative and neutral categories. And thus compare, analyze and measure the growth or fall accordingly.
  • Google Analytics is another way to measure the traffic that is being referred to your website from various social channels.

For all those who are still wondering if its really important to track Social Media efforts here are few advantages that should help you change your mind about thinking this:

  • Tracking Social Media efforts helps any brand identify what are the current industry trends and what the customers are looking for from the brand.
  • Identifying trends in your industry can help you set the perfect platform for engagement with existing and potential platforms.
  • Social Media tracking can help let you know who are are your most passionate on each platform and whom could use as brand advocates for your brand.
  • By following the correct steps to track Social Media brands can boost their Sales with the help of industry trends and good engagement.

Follow these simple steps and see you Social media efforts take a shape, what do you think does your brand measure its Social Media Efforts? And what according to you are the ways to track your Social efforts, join the conversation and let us know.

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