Top Advocacy Marketing Examples from the Current Industry

by Deepak Nautiyal |

Top Advocacy Marketing Examples from the Current Industry

The sheer potential of word-of-mouth marketing makes advocacy marketing highly important for any brand focused on devising a solid customer acquisition strategy. Brands investing time and effort in advocacy marketing in the current time are experiencing gains on multiple fronts. From new customer acquisition and enhanced revenue generation to brand building and more, advocacy marketing indeed proves highly advantageous for companies looking to tap the full potential of genuine brand advocates. In this blog post, we will learn why advocacy marketing should be part of a brand’s corporate strategy, plus exploring its best examples from the current marketplace.

 What is Advocacy Marketing?

Advocacy marketing refers to the process of educating customers so they can create buzz around your brand via word-of-mouth marketing, reviews, and social mentions. It is a cost-effective endeavor for marketers to have customers increase the revenue via referrals and specifically aims at cultivating a unique breed of brand advocates that contribute positive reviews about your brand through natural conversations with their peers.

Best Advocacy Marketing Examples

At present, several big and small brands are leveraging advocacy marketing, having realized the tremendous potential it carries. Let’s explore a few examples of how some of the global brands are leveraging it.


Tapping the power of discounts, Tesla launched referral packages offering significant discounts to the existing customer and the referred person. Tesla even motivates customers to provide more referrals by offering a chance for something special; for example, a customer referring 10+ people to the brand got the privilege to buy a specific limited-edition vehicle that was not otherwise available for the general public.


Tweet-A-Coffee, Starbucks advocacy marketing campaign, allowed the coffee giant’s customers to purchase a gift card worth $5 for their friends through Twitter. Customers just had to tweet the Starbucks Tweet-A-Coffee Twitter handle with the recipient. The campaign successfully generated $180,000 in sales, allowing Starbucks to identify potential customers and loyal advocates.


The reputed smartphone manufacturer leveraged User-Generated Content as part of their advocacy marketing strategy. “Shot on iPhone” – Apple’s advocacy marketing campaign helped the brand to source pictures from users of Apple’s products. The company urged its customers to take photos using their iPhone and share them on social media with a hashtag. Apple shortlisted some of the finest pictures from the available photos and used them for billboard ads. It thus allowed Apple to save on ads.

Deliver Rich Customer Experience to Empower Your Advocacy Marketing Efforts

Providing a rich customer experience holds the potential to build both loyalty and advocacy. So, if you want to make the most out of advocacy marketing, ensure that your customers’ experience is an enriching one rather than an average one. When customers feel appreciated and valued, they turn out to be the best brand advocates. If you need more details on how to expand the reach of your advocacy marketing efforts through loyalty, contact Annex Cloud experts now!

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