Top 5 Solid Social Strategies Proven to Work

Sometimes as a marketer, a solid strategy is all you need to really kick start a successful campaign. There’s a lot of fluff when it comes to social marketing strategies, it’s hard to know what actually works when it comes down to social’s return on investment. As leaders in the social commerce space, Annex Cloud has tried, re-tried and optimized several social tools for higher engagement, more conversions and expanded reach.

Below are the top 5 social strategies that have worked time and time again. Although these may not be new or exciting, they have been proven to work.

social strategies

1. Social Contests
Social contests have been around for a long time, but people still talk about them and use them because they are successful. Contests drive engagement and build a following across your social networks. Use contests to increase excitement about new products or features and quickly spread the word. A recent client received over 300,000 contest entries in just 30 days, with 70% of these being new visitors.

2. Incentivized Sharing
Tools like share and win or share and save are simple enough, but the results are always astounding. Sharing tools increase conversions, especially when targeting new site visitors. Clients have seen up to 5x increased in conversions from first time visitors.

3. Referral programs
Referral programs motivate customers to share with their friends and increase conversions as well as site traffic. These are specifically targeted at current customers and their like minded friend circles. Referral programs work because customers do not receive their rewards until their referred friends come back and make a purchase. This ensures a win-win situation for you as well as your customers.

4. Social Login
Social login has steadily gained popularity over the past few years, as a majority of customers are starting to adopt social login and even prefer it to traditional login. Customers save time filling long forms and don’t have to bother with forgotten passwords and usernames. Social login has become a standard in the lives of the new on-demand generation. As a marketer, social login helps you collect social data for future marketing campaigns. Customers are also less likely to abandon their shopping cart when they aren’t required to create a new account.

5. Customer Loyalty
A customer loyalty program is a large task to implement and execute, but all the trouble is worth it. One of the oldest marketing tools, loyalty programs increase revenue by up to 20% and conversion rates up to 5x. Loyalty programs can be a combination of all the tools mentioned above and more. Loyalty programs are directly integrated with your site actions for maximum increases in engagement, conversions, retention and overall customer lifetime value.


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