Top 3 Social Media Disasters For 2011

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Social Media has had it moments in 2011 which you can be proud of and moments which you would never like to look at. In this article we present that we consider as the top 3 disasters of 2011 in terms of 2011.

1. Salman Rushdie‘s Facebook account Deleted :


Last November saw Salman Rushdie’s Facebook account deleted and the fact that author had to show his passport to verify his identity did not amuse the author at all. Salman Rushdie expressed all his feeling though Twitter and had a lot of buzz created in a couple of hours. It was only a matter of time that his account restored back on Facebook.

2. Gilbert Gottfried’s Japan Jokes :


Its good to be funny but you should understand when you need to draw the line guess actor Gilbert just took his profession too seriously. In March 2011 Japan was hit be a Tsunami and earthquake affecting many lives in the country. While the whole word was sympathetic towards Japan and the people of Japan actor Gilbert just tweeted a series of insensitive jokes on the disaster which led to major outrage against the actor as a result he was removed from his Aflac spokesperson position.

3. Fox and NBC Hacking Scandals :


What happens when the top news channels accounts are hacked on Twitter, the result is breaking news. Fox and NBC Twitter accounts were hacked and what happened was series of Tweets which sent ripples across the social networks. However both the networks worked with Twitter to quickly take care of things and let their followers know about the situation.

These 3 situations clearly show that not only having a presence on Social media is important but keeping a track of things also becomes important while using Social media. Do let us know your thoughts on what you think were your favorite Social media disasters for 2011.

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