Top 10 Reasons We’re Thankful for Social Media

by Sean Ogino |

1. Memes.

They make us laugh. They make us cry. They get us through the week. They tell it like it is. But mostly they make us laugh.

As a retailer, can you use memes in your social? Yes. Don’t be afraid to poke fun, everybody loves a good laugh. And sometimes, it even helps with awkward situations. Zappos handled some criticism from Kanye this week with humor, avoiding a potentially unpleasant situation.

Using humor on Facebook

2. We’re never bored. Ever.

When someone asks how many hours we spend on the internet a week:Fifty thousand hours sex-in-the-city gif

Whether, its Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, everyone has one of these sites open on their desktop, phone, tablet, at all times. People are constantly tuning in, reading, listening, watching and uploading. With Facebook reaching more young people (18-24) than the 4 biggest TV networks combined, its safe to say that social media’s reach is not slowing down (BusinessInsider).

For retailers, this means that users are constantly sharing their likes and activities, freely distributing content to others with similar buying tendencies (their friends). So plugin and reach your audience where they are, online. With social media’s reach increasing, it might be time to reconsider a TV campaign vs. a Social campaign.

3. It keeps us updated, no matter how irrelevant the news. twitter conversation

Users are constantly updating their statuses, keeping their friends updated about their daily lives. So we’re able to keep in touch with friends and stay in touch easily. There’s no downfalls like long-distance calling expenses or lost mail. Friends, loved ones, relatives are all a click away. It keeps us connected to each other.

Now its easier than ever to keep in touch with your customers. Social media allows you to reach out to past customer with updates and deals to get them coming back and attract new customers with promotions.

4. Quirky people can easily find other quirky people. No matter how strange.  

google hummingbird lover

Communities we have never even heard of before can now exist online and thrive. Remember when if your friends didn’t like something and you did, you would think you were the only one? Now all you have to do is go online and you’ll find hundreds of others like you. There is literally a social network for everything, including the dead.

For retailers, this means, no matter what you sell, there is probably a dedicated blog, group, website, Facebook page, Google+ circle, out there, ready to listen, to give feedback and buy your product.

5. It made the Oxford Dictionary acknowledge the word, “selfie” (hashtag not included, yet) as the word of 2013.

Self explanatory.

6. It is socially acceptable and encouraged for people to take 10-100 pictures of themselves a day (hence the popularity of the word, selfie).

that enough little girl gif

But really, any average person can be a model or a spokesperson. This trend enables people to change the conversation around beauty/fashion. It is becoming more and more of a two-way conversation with social campaigns like Dove‘s, this video was the most viewed and shared of 2013 so far.

As a retailer, running a ‘selfie’ campaign on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest, automatically generates thousands of pictures of your fans, ready to be liked and shared. User generated content, in other words, product placement is trending and gaining momentum as more brands and retailers pick up on it. Without all the lights, camera and expenses, users are freely creating authentic buzz and awareness about your product, by simply interacting with your brand on social media how they normally would with their peers.

7. It makes us feel loved.

oprah gif

People have a much larger friend networks online, than in real life. It makes us feel good when they all like our photos or stop by for a quick comment.

Brands and retailers will feel loved as well. Having a Facebook page allows fans to publicly “like” what you are doing, its the invisible pat on the back that says good job. Social will help you nurture your customers, ultimately increasing brand loyalty.

8. It keeps us organized.

Nobody would remember anyone’s birthday without Facebook. Am I right? Social media keeps us looped in with updates, events, news, and relationship statuses. And who doesn’t love getting a lot of comments on their birthday?

Facebook Birthday Reminder

For brands and retailers, social allows you to keep your customers organized by collecting social data to target consumers based on their birthdays, demographics and buying behavior. For more information on optimizing social with social data, read through our retailer’s guide, “Getting and Using Social Data.”

9. It’s our personalized go-to hub of information.

Whenever we want to see where’s a good place to eat, or shop or visit, we ask our friends. Now that’s been amplified and we can ask hundreds of friends at once. And as we eat, shop and visit these places, we check in, share reviews and recommendations.

Retailers can benefit from this natural tendency of friends sharing information with friends through tools like refer-a-friend, ask-a-friend and more. Retailers can gain valuable feedback and even glowing reviews all through social.

you don't say gif

10. It has dramatically changed our lives.

For better or worst, social media has changed our lives and there is no sign of it slowing down. It has forced us to think, innovate, plan, create and grow.

you go girl gif



So thank you social media, for making all of this possible, you’re awesome.

hilary clinton thanks you

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