Top 10 Influential Retailers for 2011 Holiday Season

by Social Commerce Guru | Social Media Marketing

Influential Retailers

I am sure that you are done with your Christmas shopping and checked out your famous retail shops who are offering you great discounts and deals to grab your attention. So while you were spending your time shopping we decided to check on who were the retailers in the market who were influencing you to shop at their online stores.

Klout has identified the top 10 influencing retailers for the holiday season and you would be surprised when you see the final list. Klout measures retailers Social Media scores based on how many followers they have on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter and how the engagement is across the social networks which basically means the comments and retweets that they are getting on social networks. Klout has collected such data from social networks and ranked these organizations on a score of 0 to 100. Here is the complete list of top 10 retailers who have been most influencing for this holiday season.

Retailer Name Klout Score Retweets Mentions 82 1,200 85,000
Victoria’s Secret 75 3,500 47,000
jcpenney 75 3,200 6,500
Sports Authority 74 3,400 1,400
Walgreens 73 3,300 15,000
HSN 72 4,600 6,500
Think Geek 72 140,000 40,000
Best Buy 72 16,000 28,000
Target 72 21,000 47,000
Macys 71 4,500 20,000


Social Media is used by all retailers to attract their customers but what matters is the approach which each brand uses to lure their customers to get business. Let us know your thoughts on the top 10 influential retailers for this holiday season.

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