Tips To Keep Your Fans Engaged on Facebook

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Tips To Keep Your Fans Engaged on Facebook

So your brand has a Facebook page and you have good community size, ever thought what next ? How do you plan to get the likes on the Facebook into actual sales and get the revenue that you are looking for? The secret to a successful Facebook page is a highly engaged community, an engaged fan who interacts with your page is developing a loyalty for your brand, by being actively involved in your page, they are aware of your product launches and special deals, and are therefore more likely to make the purchase. So how do we go about keeping the fan engaged is a question which comes across to many people? Here are some ways by which you can keep your fans engaged.

  1.  Provide The Human Touch and Be Creative : Facebook was not built for promoting business and neither are the people who like your brand their to help you make business, they are their because they want to talk with friends and family. So keep the human touch while posting your content, if you’re not sure what your customers like, ask them. Do not use automated services to post to your page, people easily find out such posts as they are highlighted with a third party icon. Post with a personality, feature photos and videos of staff members, and show another side of your organization. Most importantly make sure it’s relevant and timely.
  2. Initiate a Response and Keep it Short : Don’t write a thesis describing your product or while writing a status, keep in mind people like it when it’s short, remember they are not here to promote your product. Short posts have a clearer purpose and are much more likely to receive a response. Ask questions in your posts, ask for fan feedback, ask them to share your content, ask them to recommend your page to their friends. Get your fans involved and keep them engaged with your page this increases fan loyalty leading into more recommendations and sales.
  3. Run Contests and Take Feedback : To keep your fans on their toes hold contests every once in a while. A good contest is an excellent way to build some hype around your brand, add value to liking your page and reach a larger audience. Keep in mind that you follow the rules of Facebook while holding a contest. Use the built in Questions application by Facebook to get feedback from your fans, you can use this to get customers make decisions about your brand or your page. Make your wall a combination of your posts and posts from fans by allowing your audience to posy their data also.
  4. Use Facebook Demographics to Promote Your Brand : Keeping the same message for everyone won’t work for you so make use Facebook Demographics in identifying your target audience and change your message accordingly depending on the area. This is where your smartness in preparing the content for your audience has to come, a particular message which work for certain area but it may fail in other so work on strong on content creation.
  5. Have a Strong Content in Place : If you want to keep your fan active then along with all of the above things you will have to work on content that your fans can’t get anywhere else. Provide offers on a launch of new product that maybe available only to Facebook fans. Provide exclusive behind-the-scenes content during the launch of a product. Share links, video and photos, people are much more likely to read a link that has an interesting image than one that does not have. A good and well planned content increases the Virality of your page which in turn affects the sales.
  6. Be Consistent and Appreciate your Fans : Decide how you want to keep posting on your page; just for the sake of posting don’t keep posting everyday. Keep a plan in mind in that way your fans will be excited about your posts and will eagerly wait for it. Also appreciate your fans, thank them when you reach particular milestones for being involved with your brand. This in turn will prompt them to share your product with more people and increase your fan loyalty.

These are just few ways by which you can use Facebook to promote your product. If you have any other ways please feel free to share with us.

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