Tips On Increasing Sales With Social Media

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Social MediaAs brand I am sure that you spend a lot of time of working on your marketing campaigns and advertising budgets to promote your brand. The one thing that most business focus on is how to spend less and get maximum returns. This is where Social Media Marketing comes in (I mean the spend less part), most of the social media tools are free and they are good platforms for marketing irrespective of you being a large business house or a small business firm. In this article we will look on how social media can be used to increase sales.

Social Media is all about people interaction and if you plan to sell on Social Media then one thing for sure is that you don’t have to shout at people, if you smartly prepare a strategy then you have all the tools available to reach a million people and sell your product. A television ad for example reaches the set of people who are watching it at that time and does not give a scope of instant feedback whereas a simple tweet or a post on Facebook will give you a chance of instant feedback as well as the reach is much further. Let’s look at some important tips while using Social Media to increase sales.

Social Media as already said is about people so be honest about who you are and what you want to sell. Do not fake things just because you want to get business. If someone has negative feedback for you don’t be rude to him try to see what was the problem which made the person unhappy and try to see if it can be resolved. This will earn you respect and people will give you credit for being transparent and honest. Admire other peoples work this will show that you’ve actually taken the time to learn something about them and makes people feel good. All of this will only lead to make people do more business with you because of your good reputation.

Social Media Marketing is a form of viral marketing, build anticipation on any product launches using various Social Networking sites. Make use of all the popular social networking sites to advertise and devise a proper strategy to share the message on these various outlets on different days so that the anticipation for the product is there and the whole marketing strategy looks fresh.

When you use Social Media as a Marketing tool be creative and entertaining, don’t just rely on Facebook and Twitter to drive potential customers to your website. Create a video on You Tube and pass it on to all You Tubers. For example if you are a fashion house then design a video on the new arrivals that you have and give your fans a chance to pick their favorite ones or let them design a new one. Open channels for engagement so that more traffic is drawn to your website.

Connect with your peers on networks such as LinkedIn; see what people are taking about and what the industry demands are. Jon groups and discussions related to your business and be the solution expert. Provide option of signing up for newsletters to help people out with potential problems in your industry. Invite people to be guest bloggers on your blog site and do the same for them if they ask you out. This will allow you brand to be in focus in such groups and threads and you will see people adding you or following you automatically which will eventually lead into sales.

Offer last minute lucrative discounts and advertise across all your various Social Networks. Run contest’s having a theme related to your product and provide good incentives to the winner. Invite people to sign up for mailing list and give discount coupons to people when you reach landmarks for them to keep purchasing your product.

Lastly know what your aim or target is and use Social Media accordingly, don’t just keep on hoping between Social Platforms and don’t keep flooding your clients with self centered messages and updates. Device a proper strategy and focus on good and meaningful content if you want to use Social Media to increase sales for your brand.

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  1. Richard Benchimol
    on November 9, 2016 at 2:25 pm

    Thank you for the information. I feel that you should try and put your brand out there as much as possible. With the internet, it makes things easier. Thanks again.
    Richard Benchimol
    Leads Indeed

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