Tips on Increasing Ecommerce Sales with Social Media

by Social Commerce Guru | Social Commerce

As a E commerce brand business today know the importance of using Social Media into their business. Social Media has revolutionized the way e commerce industry works. Social Media has made it possible for e commerce brands to reach a massive audience across the Internet. Social Media presence for e commerce brands has it possible for them to promote their products and services across various Social platforms and build a loyal and engaged fan base which earlier was not that easy and involved a lot of time.

According to a report by e marketer US retail e commerce sales to reach $224.2 billion this year, up 15% from 2011. The apparel and accessories category will lead e commerce sales growth throughout the forecast period, with sales gains of 20% predicted for this year. By 2016 the category will tally $73 billion worth of online purchases, e Marketer estimates, accounting for just over 20% of all US online retail e commerce sales.

US Retail Ecommerce salesWith all these statistics its pretty much clear that as a e commerce brand the need of the hour is to use this massive medium of communication to promote the business and reach a bigger audience. However Social Media requires e commerce brands to be creative and think beyond the regular marketing ways to boost profits even more.

Here are some tips which we believe can help e commerce houses in increasing their fan base and boosting their sales.

  •  The most simple and easiest way for any e commerce business to add Social media into their business would be promoting new products and services offered by them by adding Social sharing buttons on the website. By adding social sharing buttons brands can start building a loyal and engaged fan base along with creating brand awareness among existing customers as well as when each customer shares the news it gives the brand more potential customers.
  •  Social Media is all about staying up to date and making maximum use of the new trends and platforms available. As a business if you want to make sure that you reach a wider audience then its important to have your brands presence on all the major Social platforms available in the way the platform is designed. For example Pinterest uses Image as a e commerce brand its important that on such a platform you create a perfect Dashboard of images for your audience out there to promote your product.
  •  Social Media is all about the customer its important that your fans are not overloaded with only your products advertisements. Its important to stay engaged with the fans by actively participating in community forums or by sharing tips on new trends and updates within the industry.
  •  Instead of just promoting your brands products on Social Media use Social Media to share content with your fans which should some how drive them to your website or at least get them thinking into the buying mode. Share not only product related news but also humorous news with your fans so that they can always see the human side of things.
  •  Finally the oldest and excellent way to show your expertise as brand is Blogging. Apart from blogging about your brands products use this platform to invite your brand advocates to write about your brand and their experience. There is no recommendation like a fans recommendation to gain the trust of your audience . Its has been found that more than 75% of consumers trust peer recommendations, while less than 15% trust paid advertising.

Social Media is energetic and real time medium for brands to interact with customers if used in the correct not only does it help in building a social media presence but will also work as great tool to generate a good ROI.

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