The Social Phases of Brand Expansion

by Grace Miller |

In the increasingly competitive world of ecommerce, staying ahead of the customer’s mind can be a challenge. Social media can build bridges between brands and customers through optimization of brand presence and increased understanding of target customers. While 84% of B2B marketers use social media in some form, not all marketers understand or use the best ways to directly impact their audience through these channels. By helping our customers implement winning social media marketing strategies, we have learned that utilizing the following steps can ensure expansion and retention of businesses’ customer bases.

Phase 1: Understand Your Target Customer

Find out what your customers are interested in, where they spend their time on social media sites, and which tools you can utilize to build engagement and ultimately conversions. Interaction with your audience allows deeper engagement and creates more opportunities to gain future customers. Social tools like contests and “Share and Save” promotions have been proven to double conversions.

Phase 2: Turn Data into Acquisition

Use new found data derived from social profiles to better understand how your brand can benefit from your customers’ unique characteristics. In order to keep your audience interested, turn those insights into content on a continual basis.  After intriguing consumers with this targeted data, you can use components like referrals and contests to transform existing customers into brand advocates

Phase 3: Build Customer Retention

Brand loyalty programs are the best way to ensure that customers are not only satisfied with your product or service, but also that they continue to buy from you for a lifetime.  Rewarding your customers for their devotion and loyalty towards your brand guarantees continuing positive sales and retention.



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