The Four Misconceptions of On-Site Social Media

by Sean Ogino |

The Four Misconceptions of On-Site Social Media

Because marketing and monetizing social media is a relatively young practice, it not very well understood today. As such, many misconceptions about Social Media continue to float around out there. While some of these may apply to off-site social media (Facebook brand pages, Twitter feeds, etc.), they do not influence the power of on-site social media (refer-a-friend programs, social loyalty programs, and incentivized sharing).

Social media cannot be effective for my industry vertical

All of your customers are people. Whether you are selling to businesses or consumers, domestic or international, and young or old. Chances are they are already using Facebook and Twitter, and probably LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest as well. Social media provides a fantastic medium for people to discover what to learn, what to read, and what to buy. Any type of content, service, or product can be shared on social networks with a click of a sharing button!

Nobody would want to share my boring business.

Everyday, we come across content that is ground-breaking, see many services that could make our lives easier, and view products that make us want to buy now. Yet, we never share or tell anybody else about what we have discovered. However, if we are shopping and see a promotion running, we’re much more likely to go through the terms of the promotion and make a purchase. People will go to great lengths to get discounts. It doesn’t matter if you are selling ink cartridges, legal services, or concert tickets. Incentivize that sharing button, because everyone loves to save money!

Success is measured by the quantity of impressions and people these shares touch.

Instead of focusing on quantity, we need to focus on quality. What matters the most is how much revenue an individual brings back for you and not how many friends they share with. Would you be happier with somebody who referred 500 friends and referred 200 of them back who bought or somebody who referred 4000 of their friends and 5 people bought? People with a lot of clout on social networks are going to be the strongest advocates for your brand. How about we take it a step further by helping you identify these top social influencers and reward them for their advocacy? Let your customers and visitors do your marketing for you!

Managing social media takes a lot of time.

Managing on-site social media can be as easy as setting it and forgetting it (although we do not advise that)! There are even on-site social media tools that achieve similar goals as off-site social. For example, Pinterest offers a great way to add a visual image to showcase products. However, managing a Pinterest can take a lot of time, from adding a product, uploading an image, to tagging the description. An on-site tool like a “trending products” feature could achieve that same visual element as Pinterest, but automates that entire function. You don’t have to do all the work, let the tools automate that for you!

Don’t let the misconceptions of off-site social media steer you away from on-site social media tools. Just like every other marketing technique, there is more than one side to every coin.

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