The Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Product Reviews

by Sean Ogino |

The Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Product Reviews

Even though change is one of the only constant things in business, some things remain the same. Our habit of discussing with our neighbors, friends or relatives before buying anything is one such unchanged thing. It’s a human tendency to have absolute surety when you are spending your hard earned money. But due to the unprecedented growth of the internet and connected devices, the location of those kinds of discussions has traveled from being real to virtual. Now, we know more about the product on social media or on the product page of the brand. And the thing which has framed this social structure of discussions is online ratings and reviews systems, which have become the core part of many current marketing strategies. The fact that 63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a site which has user reviews has made it even valuable and important. With that in mind, let’s take a look at our beginner’s guide to product reviews.

The Beginner’s Guide to Product Reviews: How It Works

A) Solicitation Email

After making a purchase your customers will receive an email requesting them to post a review. For more tips on solicitation, click here!
reviews solicitation email

B) Review Form:

After the customer’s click on the email, he will be directed to the review form to write and submit a review. Alternatively, you can use in-mail reviews, which include the review form in the actual solicitation email.

reviews form

You can also add multimedia options to your reviews.

reviews multimedia

C) Admin Moderation:

After the submission of the review, you can see, moderate and monitor the whole content.

D) Publishing The Reviews:

If you are okay with the content and approve it, it will be posted to product pages, category pages, and even search results to inform future customers. We have kept the option of using this content in marketing efforts such as email campaigns open for you. Check out this post for more information about repurposing your user generated content!

reviews pdp

E) Syndication:

After submission and approval of the reviews, our solution allows you to distribute those reviews across a variety of web properties in your supply chain. For example, you can post the reviews on the retailer’s website who sells your products as well as on the manufacturer’s website who produces the products you sell.

reviews syndication


The Beginner’s Guide to Product Reviews: Enhancing The Worth Of Ratings And Reviews

It’s just not enough to have reviews on your product page. They must be easily scannable and must add value to the user’s act of buying. That’s why our solution allows you to create multiple templates tailored to specific product categories.

reviews templates

The separate template for a specific product is necessary to make the information included in each review highly relevant and helpful to future customers. More filters like size, color, and pattern allow customers to categories the reviews based on their needs. Thus, our solution is not just enhancing customer experience, but it also creating an ecosystem where your customers can make informed and rational purchase decisions.

Not just that. You can change the design and functionality of the reviews based on the look and feel of your brand.

The Beginner’s Guide to Product Reviews: Get More Reviews

The thing with reviews is no numbers of reviews are too many. More is better here. Apart from boosting your online presence and generating more buzz about your product, reviews also play a huge role in brightening your SEO prospects. Thus, getting more reviews is very important and while devising our solution, we have given it a clear and deep thought. The inclusion of Smart Engagement Algorithm (SEA) and the ability of our rating and review software to integrate into any loyalty program framework are the results of that thought process.

1- SEA

The fact of the matter is, timing is a crucial element when it comes to ensuring action from your customers. If you send an email too early, you run the risk that they haven’t had the opportunity to use the product and aren’t ready to provide feedback. If you are too late, they might not be interested in writing a review anymore as the excitement of novelty is gone. And that’s where SEA–our Smart Engagement Algorithm–comes into the picture. It analyzes historical data, product type, and product category to judiciously determine the appropriate time at which a post-purchase email should be sent. As it is designed with the self-learning ability, based on your customers’ response rates it continually improves your post-purchase email timeframe. It definitely shore up the chances of more customer participation.

2- Integration with Loyalty

Unless and until your customers are not in total love with your product or brand, they will not write reviews without any shiny incentives. And as we all know, loyalty programs are a great way to offer such incentives. Recognizing the possibility of this possible merger, our Ratings and Reviews software can be seamlessly integrated into any loyalty program to offer points and rewards for participation. This simple looking integration empowers you in many ways. By sending just one email, you can communicate both the review solicitation and the opportunity to receive loyalty points. Besides, it provides strong customer experience as loyalty points get automatically added to your customer’s account.

reviews with loyalty

For more ways to increase review volume, check out this post!

The Beginner’s Guide to Product Reviews: Maintaining The Fabric Of Trust

The soul, the core and the ethos of ratings and reviews lie in their trust factor. They do affect the buying decision of people and if they find any gimmick or unethical intentions in those reviews, your credibility may face a severe dent. Therefore, it’s of stratospheric importance to make sure yours are genuine, relevant, and appropriate for your brand.

We help you in this task too. Our team of expert moderators works to ensure your product reviews are authentic and always meet your brand guidelines. Our review moderation system in this solution comes with a combination of automated and manual moderation screens for foul language along with the strict check on irrelevant or promotional content from your competitors.

But its utility doesn’t just end there. It helps you in following ways too.

1- Fraud Avoidance:

Our expert team of moderators removes the fraudulent content such as spam, promotions, duplicate reviews and inappropriate content from your site. It allows you to claim the authenticity of your reviews and ensures that only genuine voices would be heard on your platform.

2- Customization:

This moderation process is perfectly ductile to take a shape to meet your brand’s needs and guidelines. You can add one more layer of moderation to put your own team there, customizing the trigger words or you can customize moderation reports to track the type of content you are seeing.

The Beginner’s Guide to Product Reviews: Monitoring And Measuring

Monitoring each and every aspect of the program is necessary to make sure that you are going in a right direction. It also lets you know where exactly you are lacking and what are the areas where you need to do better are. With our unified dashboards and comprehensive reporting, you can keep a close watch on the number of reviews posted over time, keep track of new email addresses collected through reviews. Similarly, you can quickly and easily reply to customer’s concerns and questions about the products they have purchased.

Also, you can get numerical data about the usage of your product by the customers, their likings, and apprehensions. This information can act as a valuable feedback and you can positively use it while thinking about new product creation and changing the old ways of communication and marketing.

The Beginner’s Guide to Product Reviews: Other Features Of Our Solution

1- Customized Reporting and Scheduling:

In the case of a dire emergency, or when you have to implement new changes immediately on your platform, the most important thing is the availability of the right data and insights to the right people.  Our Ratings and Reviews solution offers customizable reporting and scheduling to make sure that everyone in your team is getting the information they need.

2- Alerts:

Our solution notifies you immediately as soon as the reviewer has raised some questions or issues. It enables you to respond to your reviewer in timely and efficient manner. And believe me, a rapid and right response does a wonder to the customer experience level and your rapport with your customers/reviewers.

3- 3rd Party Integration:

The Annex Cloud platform comes pre-integrated with all popular email service providers and other necessary 3rd party solutions to ensure a robust solution and a seamless customer experience.

4- Integration While Sending A Post Purchase Email:

Through our solution, you can send a post-purchase email triggering a call to action for all of yours
Customer Loyalty and Social Commerce solutions. It can boost referrals, review requests, and photo sharing.

And with that, you’re well on your way to becoming a ratings and reviews expert!

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