The Black Friday Breakdown

by Sean Ogino |

Online sales hit an all-time high this year when it comes to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping spree. But is this any surprise? A couple months ago the big story in the tech world was Facebook topping 1Billion active users. Now the big story in the tech world is the strength in the outcome seen from Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers. Yet, these two categories continue to stay separated in most companies E-Commerce strategies.

This year, for the first time in the history of Black Friday, online sales topped $1Billion. It seems like more and more shoppers are adjusting to the trends and choosing to avoid the congested parking structures and crowded department stores that once made Black Friday so exciting. News Flash: Shopping online is not only more exciting but it is less stressful and about 1/4th the effort as the traditional technique.

It is no surprise that because of this shift to online shopping the 2012 Black Friday event saw a 26% lift in online orders from the numbers captured in 2011. It was recorded that this year’s Black Friday saw sales that jumped from last year’s $816 Million to $1.04 Billion. But wait there’s more good news! We haven’t even heard the release of the real numbers from Cyber Monday. So far, it has been reported that Ebay and Amazon’s numbers are only continuing to rise after a very strong start as we head into the Cyber Monday evening.

With the growth in sales and traffic Black Friday and Cyber Monday have seen it is even more important that E-Commerce sites are up to par with the trends of the modern age. Here is where we connect the numbers!

$1 Billion in sales (in one day) + 1 Billion Facebook users + 500 Million Twitter users = a great opportunity to take full advantage of Social Commerce and your audience.

There is no better time than now when it comes to rethinking your social strategy in terms of On-Site Social. With the growing amount of people who are engaging in online shopping as well as these various social networks there is no better time than now to let them become those brand ambassadors. Let them share, enter contest, refer their friends, and login through the social network of their choice! If you do, you will not only see a rise in conversion rates and a lift in traffic but you will make the next year in sales the biggest you have ever seen.

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