The Art Of Writing Tweets on Twitter

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The Art Of Writing Tweets on Twitter

Follow MeContinuing with my focus on Twitter, we will today look at How we can write some good tweets on Twitter to capture the attention of the audience out there. Twitter has evolved over the years from a Social Networking tool more to a business tool; you will see that brands over the years have used Twitter for sharing links to their content in order to generate more traffic to their website. There have been complaint’s that at times Twitter is noisy and your voice is not echoed properly to the audience, the answer to that is simple Twitter is all about content in 140 characters. If your content is good then you will see that it catches attention as well as spreads among the Twitter audience. The thing to remember while using Twitter is that every character counts so use them wisely and make sure to make your tweet catchy and meaningful. Let’s try to get the basics of writing a good tweet on Twitter.

  • Twitter like all the other Social Networking tools is all about relationships so even though you are using it promote your business don’t forget the human aspect of things. Apart from promoting your product be casual and general in approach for example on a Monday, instead of beginning the week with a tweet on your new product or promotion you can begin the day on Twitter by asking your followers how their weekend was or by sharing a moment of your weekend. This will show a different side of your personality to your followers and they can start trusting you more.
  • If you want your audience to react to your tweet then its important that you convey it to them that what you have tweeted is something unique and useful to the reader and that missing out on reading the tweet could leave the reader behind. The point over here is that the headline of your tweet should have keywords which are magnetic or rather catchy.
  • Engage your audience into an interaction by asking them questions or by running contests and polls. If some replies you direct messages you respond back to them so that they feel that you are making a note of things and giving them the due importance. The more you go ahead and help people or engage with them the higher they will help you in promoting your product.
  • Be creative and entertaining while writing your tweets, if you are retweeting someone tweet then don’t just click on the retweet button edit the headline and show of your writing skill to the person whose original tweet it was. This will allow people to trust you more and will help you in increasing your community size on Twitter.
  • Twitter is not all about being short, people have a myth that the shorter the merrier that is not the case always. Make your tweet as long as it is required and interesting.
  • Don’t keep on flooding tweets, time your tweets in a proper way and focus on valuable content that you want to tweet. Keep your tweet to the point and not a secret. Tweet what your audience is looking for and what they are interested in.

These are few ways of going about on writing some good tweets on Twitter; feel free to share your thoughts and happy tweeting to all of you there.

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