Ted Baker Launches ‘Mission Impeccable’ Shoppable Video

by Grace Miller |

Ted Baker Launches ‘Mission Impeccable’ Shoppable Video

It’s now clear that the dawn of shoppable video has arrived. Ted Baker, the British luxury company, has teamed up with Guy Ritchie to create a promotional film for the fashion brand’s autumn/winter collection. The three-minute espionage-themed clip, titled “Mission Impeccable,” revolves around a secret agency, T.E.D., on a mission to capture a villain dubbed “The Needle,” who has lifted the company’s new fabrics. As a result, “the fate of fashion hangs by a thread.”

The shoppable video launched on Ted Baker’s site, Selfridges.com, Nordstrom.com, and YouTube, and was preceded by an 11-day social media campaign. It lets viewers intermingle with the brand’s autumn/winter 2016 collection in further detail as they take on their own mission, complete with the tagline, “Spy it. Click it. Buy it.”

The Shoppable Video:

The Mission Impeccable video begins with instructions on how to add items to one’s “vault” by clicking on what the actors are wearing in the film. Users just have to click on the “+” icon to begin purchasing.

All the items on which customers click will appear in the top right-hand corner. The other products from the collection will be displayed lower down beneath the video.  Take a look at it below!


Interactive Store Windows:

To reduce the distance between online and offline experience, Ted Baker has joined hands with Google’s in-house creative agency, Zoo. As it is using voice search technology, it can be considered as the first fashion application of Google voice search.

This voice technology allows shoppers to scan and ask the Google app about slogans written on the windows of Ted Baker’s 185 UK stores. Customers who do so can win prizes and will learn extra information about the film’s spy characters.

Consumers who go up to Ted Baker’s interactive store displays will see a code to speak into their phone. The code will be workable  within the premise of a local area. After speaking it into the phone, the Google app will display a campaign page showing prizes and offers that the user can claim in-store.


Of course, this is not the first time that this luxury clothing brand has embraced the shoppable video technology. It tasted success with this last Christmas when sales of the featured products increased by 30% and it clearly encouraged the business heads of Ted Baker to come up with one more try. But it’s not just the past success that has motivated it. It’s also somewhere accepting the fact that videos are going to rule and no one can ignore the power of digital platforms in this era. As per Craig Smith, the global brand communication director at Ted Baker,Video is a great way to tell stories and Ted looks at everything through telling stories.

Indeed, if you can create a video by telling some interesting and enthralling story along with making it shoppable, then  virtually nothing will be more helpful in terms of customer engagement.

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