51 Vital Visual Commerce Statistics

by Grace Miller |

51 Vital Visual Commerce Statistics

51 vital visual commerce statistics

We all know that visual content has been growing exponentially in both importance and prevalence over the past few years. Both pictures and videos are essentials for any brand, but these requirements extend beyond just some good catalog photos and expertly produced videos. Businesses need to let their customers do some of the talking. Doing so … Read more

The 7 Most Interesting Digital Marketing Trends for 2016

Here are the 7 most interesting digital marketing trends for 2016.

Maybe we’re unusual, but here at Annex Cloud we love how at the end of every year, tons of articles appear about the next big ecommerce and digital marketing trends. Rather than focusing on what’s already happened this year, marketers look ahead, brainstorm, and hypothesize about what we might see soon. In short, it’s all about possibility, … Read more

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