What happened to the Twitter Buy button?

by Sean Ogino |

What happened to the Twitter Buy button?

What happened to the Twitter Buy button?

It’s not uncommon to see that even predictions and assumptions of mighty trendsetters or pioneers in the industry go astray. The latest casualty is the Twitter Buy button. The writing on the wall is: Twitter’s way towards becoming world’s biggest social marketplace was not as easy and as hurdle free as their leadership had hoped. … Read more

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Retweets (and then some)

The old saying goes, ‘a picture’s worth a thousand words’. In the new age of social media, this is more true than ever. Visual social sites, Pinterest and Instagram, blew up last year. Other social giants strove to catch up with update after update, optimizing their newsfeeds to make them more visual. Twitter, known for … Read more

Maneuvering the Social Media Minefield

Social media is extremely fickle. Best practices are continually changing. What worked last week, could turn users away this week. And every week, companies are still jumping over each other to join social media. They’re pushing for likes, shares and ultimately, to win their consumer’s loyalty. But most are forgetting about the most important person … Read more

Twitter, Ecommerce, and Screen size – Make it Count

Ladies and Gentlemen, Twitter has taken a turn as far as what users see on their feeds. The annoyance (or preference) of having to click on a link in the middle of a tweet in order to see the image has taken a leap. As of October 2013, the image is now visible on the … Read more

Social Media Wars: Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4

The Players: Microsoft (Xbox One) vs. Sony (PlayStation 4) The Game: Social Media At the end of November, gaming as we know it will change forever (again). That’s because Sony is planning to release the PlayStation 4 on November 15th, and Microsoft is planning to release the Xbox One on November 22nd. It has been … Read more

Is Social Media the Most Popular Kid at School?

Social Media sites are now a staple in our everyday lives, and for teenagers it is no different. They have grown up with Facebook and Twitter, not knowing the world any differently. Teenagers spend about 5 hours a day online and at least 51% of teenagers will log into a social media site at least … Read more

Facebook Store: Why your Brand Needs One

In this day and age marketing your product has become more competitive with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter revolutionizing the way people communicate over the web. As a brand, promoting your product over any social network requires a lot of thinking. Facebook currently leads the race for the top social networking site, so … Read more

How Fashion Retailers Use Social Media

People who are interested in the latest fashion trends always picked up fashion magazines to know about the ever-changing “ins” of the industry.  However, social media has changed this totally.  Journalists, fashion incubators, and so called fashion gurus who were just interested in the industry are now using the social platforms to reach their audiences … Read more

Leveraging Social Media for Customer Service

Using social media as a part of your customer service strategy can beneficial depending on its executed. The following are some factors that need to be considered before getting started. Be on alert on what’s being discussed on the web. Services such as Google Reader, NetVibes, Social Mention and others can be used to keep … Read more

Apple, Inc. adoption of Social Media – To do or NOT to do.

Gone are the days when a company or individual identified its reputation based on the fan mails and e-mails they received. Welcome to the era of digital marketing and social engagement where an individual or company boasts its popularity by listing its thousands of likes or hundreds of followers. Facebook and Twitter are now fully … Read more

How Twitter can Benefit your Business

Twitter is the 2nd largest social networking platform next to facebook and businesses have been flocking to get a piece of this emerging trend of social commerce. When businesses learn how to utilize twitter it can bring a lot of conversion sales and loyalty. One key to utilizing twitter is having your tweets stand out … Read more

Coming Across Your Message Through Social Media

It’s no secret that having a social media account for your brand and business is not an option but a necessity. With social media having more of an impact it is necessary that you want to convey a message to your audience. Any message that stems from your company represents your brand. Every message you … Read more

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