Summer Months Don’t Have to Mean Low Sales

by Sean Ogino |

Summer Months Don’t Have to Mean Low Sales

Summer month sales

This week was the official start of summer and unfortunately for many online retailers that means lower than average sales. Between vacations, summer camps and numerous outdoor activities, consumers are busy during the summer months and spending less time on their computers perusing online stores. According to web analytics firm SumAll, gross sales for online … Read more

Coming Across Your Message Through Social Media

It’s no secret that having a social media account for your brand and business is not an option but a necessity. With social media having more of an impact it is necessary that you want to convey a message to your audience. Any message that stems from your company represents your brand. Every message you … Read more

Boost Traffic Through Social Media

Social Media is no longer an alternative but a great choice to business owners. With social media you can enhance both your online and offline business presence without spending too much money on buying other alternatives for advertising. One important thing to remember is the rank of social network can very well determine how well … Read more

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