Surprise and Delight your customers with Birthday Rewards

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Surprise and Delight your customers with Birthday Rewards


On the occasion of your customer’s birthday, gifting them something thoughtful will ultimately reflect on how valuable your brand considers your customers to be. Small yet prominent gestures help in increasing the customer’s lifetime value and also as stated from a survey, a simple personalized birthday mail along with a surprise gift can increase the … Read more

Delight Your Customers & Drive Retention with Points Reward Program

points reward program

Businesses aim on facilitating frequent purchases to secure greater engagement. Those brands, which incorporate repeated buying and selling of products or services, primarily need to focus on differentiating their business from other similar competitors. Points reward program motivates its members to exclusively purchase from your brand, because of high standards of the perceived value. The … Read more

Mobile Wallet Rewards- An Effective Brand Loyalty Strategy


Brands are consistently upgrading to introduce improved features to make customer experience effortlessly seamless and hassle free. Shopping related payments and money transactions have been made extremely easy with the introduction of Mobile Wallets and Mobile Wallet Rewards. Unlike the traditional methods that required customers to carry plastic loyalty cards everywhere, with the help of … Read more

Increase Program Engagement with Gamified Loyalty


Customer acquisition has always been expensive when compared to customer retention. Even when in-depth research in this field has provided marketers with an effective solution to keep up with customer retention, tighter competition and technological advancements have made it challenging for businesses to design loyalty programs that specifically stand out. Hence, gamification of Loyalty Programs … Read more

Understanding Customers is Essential to Retaining Them

understanding customers

It’s very important to understand the motivation behind why customers choose a particular brand over others. Because if you get it right, not only will you sell more, you will retain your most valuable and profitable customers. Customer relationships are extremely valuable to your success. To create an ideal customer experience, understand what your existing … Read more

Gamification is a Valuable Customer Retention Tool

gamification is a value customer tool

Gamification is gaining traction in every industry and becoming more popular than ever before and there are numerous brands trying to capture the addictiveness of a competitive game and applying it to customer behavior. It’s a great marketing tool to prompt customers to come back for more, thus generating loyalty and brand advocacy. According to … Read more

Use Loyalty to Surprise and Delight your Customers in a Recession

surprise and delight your customers in a recession

The world has come to a virtual standstill and the impact of an impending recession is going to be far-reaching. Given the looming economic downturn, a compelling lesson to learn is that excellent customer service is critical to your success and can greatly impact your bottom line. In order to be relevant in such uncertain … Read more

7 Ways to Surprise & Delight Your Customers in 2022

surprise & delight

You’ve implemented a great loyalty program, your rewards program is converting quicker than you can imagine, but you’re trying to think of that little extra special something to give to your customers in 2019. Lucky for you, we have just the thing. The perfect way to send your customers a bonus for taking loyal actions … Read more

White Paper: How to Surprise & Delight Your Customers with Loyalty

surprise & delight customer loyalty

Every retail and ecommerce brand has asked themselves the same question at one point: How do we surprise and delight our customers? The answer isn’t a simple one, as consumers are becoming savvier about which marketing tactics are being used to pique their interest. In fact, economic trends show that overall consumer trust is declining among institutions … Read more

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