Build Meaningful brand Experiences with an Effective Digital Loyalty Card

by Bistriti Poddar |

Build Meaningful brand Experiences with an Effective Digital Loyalty Card


A Digital Loyalty Card is the advanced version of a traditional loyalty card that is interlinked with the brand’s digital app and can be controlled through a customer’s mobile phone, making the entire process seamless and hassle free. According to a Citrus report, 80% of customers engage more with a brand that has a loyalty … Read more

Drive Retention with Attractive Level Loyalty Rewards


Loyalty Programs are playing an active role in the marketing domain for a long period now. With years of advancements and research done specifically to improve loyalty among customers, brands have come up with upgraded and futuristic loyalty programs that align excellently with brand values.  What are Level Loyalty Rewards and why are they attractive … Read more

5 Top Brands Doing UGC on Instagram

gopro user generated content

What is User generated content? In today’s competitive world, if brands don’t cater to customer preferences, they’ll just scoff at the disconnect and move to other brands to fulfill their needs. In order to continually stay updated with ever-changing marketing trends, brands are finding different ways to spin their social content into pure gold and … Read more

Loyalty News: Walmart, Starbucks, Nintendo, + More

loyalty news

Here at Annex Cloud, we, of course, keep up with customer loyalty news. There’s been so much going on lately that we’ve been feeling the urge to do a roundup of the latest and greatest stories about customer retention… Restoration Hardware Restoration Hardware is one of the most recent retailers to join the bandwagon of … Read more

Why the New Starbucks Loyalty Program Won’t Work, and How to Fix It

What's wrong with the new Starbucks loyalty program, and what they should do instead...

I have to side with the angry masses on this one: the new Starbucks loyalty program won’t give the company the results it wants. First, a bit of background Starbucks launched their “My Rewards” program in 2009, and it’s done incredibly well. Three years ago, when mobile payments were a nascent concept, as much as … Read more

Retailers Take Note: Lyft and Starbucks are Mixing Up the Customer Loyalty World

starbucks phone

Lyft and Starbucks are mixing up the customer loyalty world with a new partnership that combines the businesses under the Starbucks customer loyalty program. With the new contract, Starbucks loyalty members will receive points for each Lyft ride they take and Lyft drivers will automatically receive Gold Member status in the program. Other features in the … Read more

Facebook Store: Why your Brand Needs One

In this day and age marketing your product has become more competitive with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter revolutionizing the way people communicate over the web. As a brand, promoting your product over any social network requires a lot of thinking. Facebook currently leads the race for the top social networking site, so … Read more

How Brands Can Use Instagram To Market Themselves


Instagram has captured the heart of many people since it’s launch in October 2010 and that is why probably it has grown over 6 million people since its launch till now. Instagram is nothing but a application that allows its users to take pictures and share it across various social platforms. Though just an application Instagram … Read more

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