The Power of Consumer-Generated Marketing

by Natasha Ambavle |

The Power of Consumer-Generated Marketing

consumer-generated marketing

Who remembers Apple’s iconic #ShotOnIPhone campaign or GoPro’s consumer-created pictures and videos? Chances are, most of us do because most of us either took photos for these campaigns or were exposed to a thousand images with the hashtag on our social media feed.  Content is king, wouldn’t you say? Imagine being able to market your … Read more

Creating Your Full-Funnel Facebook Ad Strategy

Facebook Ad Strategy

To create a full-funnel ad strategy on Facebook, not only must you have a great funnel, but your landing pages need to be on point as well. You can write the best ad copy and target the right audiences, but if your landing pages are missing valuable information that the prospect needs to make their … Read more

Cyber Monday is the New Black (Friday)

Cyber Monday

As you probably have already heard, this year’s Cyber Monday set a record with more than $3 billion in sales for the first time ever. The biggest online selling day of the year beat the forecast of a 12% increase from last year by four percentage points. The biggest online shopping day ever brought an average of … Read more

8 Essentials Your Ecommerce Site Should Have

Store front

With the start of 2015 a new shopping year begins for both consumers and online businesses and with it brings the opportunity to focus on fresh, innovative and engaging ideas. Retailers should review their websites and makes the changes necessary to stay relevant and compelling, because that’s what shoppers expect.

Here are 8 basic tips that you can implement to stay ahead of the ecommerce game.


Online shoppers are savvy and always looking for the best deal. Promotions no matter the type are an instant eyes catcher – especially free shipping, since high shipping costs are one of the biggest turn-offs for online shoppers. By incentivizing your customers with promotions, you increase your conversion rate, leading to reduced cart abandonment and a boost in your average order value. To make them truly effective, promotions must be highly visible on your homepage and strategically placed on specific product pages.

Clear logo and branding

First impressions are everything and your logo and branding are no exception. Part of the challenge is capturing a first-time customer within the first few seconds of them entering your site. Your logo and site branding should be easily visible and a customer should be able to quickly identify if your online store sells the products they are interested in. Below are some examples of stores with great branding and logos.

Product reviews

Curating customer reviews and offering shoppers the opportunity, to share their experiences is vital in building your online reputation as a retailer. It proves you are dedicated to providing customers with outstanding value and ensuring you offer products to suit their needs and interests. Consumers are much more apt to purchase your products when they are supplemented with reviews.

Popular products

Do not make it challenging for your customers to find your best products, new products or exclusive sales. Online shoppers have short attention spans and if they have to hunt for something, they may just turn to your competitor. Whenever you have news, are planning an upcoming event, offering sales or have any other information customers care about, it is important that these things are displayed prominently on your home page. Furthermore, return customers are more interested in several new sale items rather than searching through your inventory for something new.

Mobile friendly

With leaps made every year in smartphone and tablet technologies more and more consumers are turning to their mobile devices to shop online. It’s convenient in the palm of their hands so to speak. It is now 2015 and a surprising number of online merchants that are still relying on old platforms and losing out on the added sales revenue from mobile shoppers. As the market share for mobile phones increases it is imperative to your stores future to stay up to date with these technologies.

Socialize it

Your customers know you best, and it is important to immerse yourself in the conversations they are having about you and your products. Being “social” is not just about asking someone to like your page, its about joining a community of people that have interacted with your brand. There are many tools out there that make it possible to leverage your customers as product experts, join discussion groups, promote certain products to a segment of customers and discuss it all via social media. Work to integrate your customers shopping experience into the social channels they use on a daily basis.

Product comparisons

No matter what kind of products you sell, you always need to give the customer the option to do their own comparison shopping. Consumers should have the option of creating side-by-side comparisons of the products features, specifications, benefits, and reviews. By making it easy for your customers to make comparisons you keep them engaged with your store, rather than losing them to your competitor. It is also a great way to up-sell them on related products or accessories.

Omni Channel

The Omni-Channel approach to business has changed the way ecommerce stores do business. The Omni-Channel model gives your customers real-time visibility into your online inventory levels as well as in store. It indicates how many units are available and what is the quickest way to obtain them. It provides alerts for items that are arriving in stock, in stock and out of stock. If your product is anywhere at all your customers will know how and where to make the purchase.
While there are many more things an ecommerce store can do to enhance the shopping experience these few items listed can help retailers start adapting to the high expectations of the online consumer. Some of these are quick fixes while others present a longer term project, but identifying solutions could help make a difference for your online success.

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