Delight Your Customers & Drive Retention with Points Reward Program

by Bistriti Poddar |

Delight Your Customers & Drive Retention with Points Reward Program

points reward program

Businesses aim on facilitating frequent purchases to secure greater engagement. Those brands, which incorporate repeated buying and selling of products or services, primarily need to focus on differentiating their business from other similar competitors. Points reward program motivates its members to exclusively purchase from your brand, because of high standards of the perceived value. The … Read more

Mobile Wallet Rewards- An Effective Brand Loyalty Strategy


Brands are consistently upgrading to introduce improved features to make customer experience effortlessly seamless and hassle free. Shopping related payments and money transactions have been made extremely easy with the introduction of Mobile Wallets and Mobile Wallet Rewards. Unlike the traditional methods that required customers to carry plastic loyalty cards everywhere, with the help of … Read more

What Do Customers Expect From a Loyalty Program?

A recent report states that the average consumer belongs to 14.8 loyalty programs but is only active in 6.7 of them. Another report by Code Broker found that 65% of consumers engage with less than half of the loyalty programs to which they belong. But that doesn’t say much about the effectiveness of loyalty programs … Read more

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