Grow your Business Substantially with an Effective UGC platform

by Bistriti Poddar |

Grow your Business Substantially with an Effective UGC platform

Effective UGC platform

UGC or User Generated Content marketing, is one of the most authentic, reliable and effective marketing strategies and entails content types like photos, reviews, or even Q&A. Choosing the right user-generated content platform can be the key to business success. A UGC platform can also be understood as a Software-as-a-service(Saas) product that helps aggregate & … Read more

Increase Customer Lifetime Value with Customer Retention Marketing

increase customer lifetime value with customer retention marketing

Retention in marketing is the need of the hour for every brand that wants long term profitability. Did you know that repeat customers spend 33% more than new customers? Retention in marketing focuses on getting repeat customers to engage and do higher value purchases with your brand. Retention is the new growth strategy because it’s … Read more

How Questions and Answers Will Boost Your eCommerce Strategy

questions and answers

Are you investing time in your Questions and Answers? Unfortunately many in retail overlook it, but let us tell you why they’re wrong. The best ecommerce brands use every channel possible when it comes to communicating with their customers. That’s because in order to compete with the Amazons and Walmarts of the world, businesses must … Read more

How to Maximize Your User Generated Content Strategy

user generated content

Whether it’s photos of restaurant dishes or product reviews on Amazon; customers are evangelizing and advertising for brands all the time, for free. User generated content represents the innumerable ways in which a customer interacts with your brand. Implementing a strong user generated content strategy helps your company build credibility with existing and potential customers … Read more

Q&A: Increase Customer Engagement With Multiple Answer Sources For Authenticity

Questions and Answers

Retailers and manufacturers are adopting Questions and Answers (Q&A) software because they see a huge increase in product- and company-related questions coming from their customers. Q&A increases conversions by allowing your product experts to provide instant answers to questioning customers.  Unlike traditional customer service, Q&A provides a display of product knowledge offering instant gratification and … Read more

5 Ways to Increase Review Volume Onsite


70% of Americans say they look at reviews before they move on to make a purchase. Product ratings and reviews are becoming more and more important as shoppers start to trust these opinions more than advertisements. Conversions can increase up to 50% when product reviews jump from 1 to 10 reviews. In a study on … Read more

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