The Ultimate Customer Rewards Program Glossary

by Natasha Ambavle |

The Ultimate Customer Rewards Program Glossary

A lot of material is available online on customer reward programs or loyalty strategies, sometimes the information available can be overwhelming. In this brief article, we bring you the ultimate Customer Reward Program Glossary. Listed below are 26 important things you should know about loyalty and reward programs, plus a bonus. A for Attrition Rate … Read more

Exploring Retail Loyalty Programs and Scope for Improvements

retail loyalty programs

Imagine, salons all across the world offered only one hairstyle/cut to everyone irrespective of their gender, age, ethnicity, personal style, or even preference. Won’t work, will it? Just like one shirt won’t fit people of all sizes. Loyalty programs are somewhat similar in nature. Today almost every industry has some kind of rewards or loyalty … Read more

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