The First Step to Brand Advocacy: Referral Marketing

by Sean Ogino |

The First Step to Brand Advocacy: Referral Marketing

When brands approach us to increase their social reach and brand advocacy, the first social tool we suggest is a referral program. Refer a Friend is one of the easiest ways to get your shoppers to share your products with their friends, increasing your social reach, driving new traffic, and helping your current traffic convert. … Read more

Referral Marketing Best Practices: Tips for Retention, Acquisition and Conversions

Referral Marketing

One primary goal of any eCommerce business is customer acquisition, but not everyone is utilizing all three channels available for new acquisition. Most companies utilize only two channels to drive traffic onsite, SEO and SEM, which only capture organic demand. The third, less utilized channel, is referral programs. Referral marketing does what SEO and SEM … Read more

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