eCommerce News Update: Twitter-Google Team Up, What is Mobile?, and Brian Williams “Misremembers”

by Sean Ogino |

eCommerce News Update: Twitter-Google Team Up, What is Mobile?, and Brian Williams “Misremembers”

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News update, because we all need more of those. A recap of the news of the week; from the top stories in the ecommerce and social media world, to articles that makes us take a step back and think about the way we approach marketing and how we engage customers.


Twitter and Google Teaming Up Again

Twitter is expanding the reach of its Promoted Tweets in a two-fold effort to boost advertising revenues and expand their core base of engaged users. The move gives brands and retailers the opportunity to significantly expand their reach beyond the already expansive Twitter audience. This broader reach means brands and retailers need to pay even closer attention to their Twitter interactions to ensure they’re getting the best return on their investment. Check out the blog next Wednesday for the next installment of “Effective Use of Social Media for eCommerce” series, featuring tips for strong Twitter engagement.

What is mobile?

With the sales of traditional tablets leveling out, popularity of convertible devices like the Surface Pro 3 growing, and mobile phones rivaling tablets in size, the definition of “mobile” is fluctuating. It is an interesting area to consider in terms of consumer behavior; how, when, and where consumers are using their devices and making purchases. However, what stands true is the variety in mobile devices, platforms, and technologies. What’s critical for retailers is the importance of mobile responsiveness and user experience on these devices. Your commerce site must be responsive to any and all sizes of mobile devices. No matter the definition of mobile or where majority of your revenue is being generated (online or offline); your interactions with customers whether on your site or through social commerce must be possible and optimal on a mobile device.

“Misremembering” – A lesson in the Importance of Trust

Brian Williams’ recent “misremembering” of his experience in the grounding of a military helicopter during the 2003 invasion of Iraq is a lesson in honesty and transparency. Although the story will be quickly replaced by another scandal, his reputation may not recover as quickly. This is an important reminder for retailers and brands in remaining honest and transparent with consumers. According to Lithium 53% of consumers say they won’t buy from a company they don’t trust. And with the widespread growth of user generated content, trust has become more important than ever.

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