The New Wave of Media Loyalty Programs

by Natasha Ambavle |

The New Wave of Media Loyalty Programs

A consumer survey by Deloitte Consultancy found that 61% of the customers check their mobile phones within five minutes of waking up, every morning. Social media is the new ‘hangout’ or networking place of the world, and if you are not leveraging this platform through your media loyalty programs, you are missing out. Social Media … Read more

How to Make Media Loyalty Less of a Major Production

Media Customer Loyalty Programs Boost Customer Engagement

Today’s consumers have an overwhelming stream of media and entertainment options. The new acquisition is driven by original content but to retain consumers you need to really know them and their needs are more diverse than ever. Gen Z and Millennials needs vary greatly from Baby Boomers—so it’s critical to understand the nuances—including their interests, … Read more

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