How to Maximize Your User Generated Content Strategy

by Sean Ogino |

How to Maximize Your User Generated Content Strategy

user generated content

Whether it’s photos of restaurant dishes or product reviews on Amazon; customers are evangelizing and advertising for brands all the time, for free. User generated content represents the innumerable ways in which a customer interacts with your brand. Implementing a strong user generated content strategy helps your company build credibility with existing and potential customers … Read more

5 Types of Influencers for Your Brand

influencer marketing

Marketers have leveraged influencers for a long time, from athletes on the Wheaties box to celebrity chefs endorsing cookware. With the advent of social media, influencer marketing has quickly trended toward helping brands expand their reach and connect with new customers. Influencers can be highly effective when they’re knowledgeable and enthusiastic about your industry and … Read more

How To Find Social Media Influencers

Planning out a social media strategy involves various steps and finding the right people for each step is critical for your brand. One step which involves in this is finding influencers for a successful influencer marketing strategy. Influencer marketing is growing and important marketing strategy so we thought to go ahead and share with you … Read more

Analyzing Social Media

Analyzing Social Media

Social Media has changed the landscape of how business is done over the Internet. Brands have adopted various techniques to woo the customers towards them and customers have been wise enough to choose and pick the best options available to them. As brands try to develop new strategies to convert the likes into sales there … Read more

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