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by Natasha Ambavle |

The Power of Consumer-Generated Marketing

consumer-generated marketing

Who remembers Apple’s iconic #ShotOnIPhone campaign or GoPro’s consumer-created pictures and videos? Chances are, most of us do because most of us either took photos for these campaigns or were exposed to a thousand images with the hashtag on our social media feed.  Content is king, wouldn’t you say? Imagine being able to market your … Read more

Customer Engagement Strategies in 2022

Customer Engagement

For any business to grow and flourish, it requires constant and unwavering support from its customers.  A one-time purchase isn’t enough to create a strong brand following, let alone continue in the market for a long time. To create a strong  brand identity and ensure maximum customer retention, brands need to engage with their customers … Read more

Measuring Social ROI with Engagement, Data and Revenue

Social ROI

Social media has proven itself as a valuable tool for eCommerce to increase acquisitions, conversions and retention. Return from Social can come in three forms: engagement ROI, data ROI and revenue ROI. Last month a specialty brand went live on Annex Cloud’s social commerce platform, driving over 20,000 contest entries in less than 30 days. … Read more

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