Customer Incentive Ideas That Can Change Your Business Game

by Natasha Ambavle |

Customer Incentive Ideas That Can Change Your Business Game

What if I told you, if you read this entire blog post, you will find an incentive code at the bottom of the page? Chances are you have already scrolled down and back up to check whether you read the first line correctly or not. This is the power of Incentives! Obviously, marketing gurus and … Read more

Getting Your Customers to Actually Refer Their Friends

Refer Their Friends

Every one of your existing customers has the potential to share your brand with their friends and family and refer an endless number of new customers to your business. But even though these new potential customers are just one social network away, getting people to actually refer their friends can be a real challenge. You … Read more

Looking for an Answer: Incentivizing Customers to Contribute to Your Questions & Answers Platform

questions and answers

When you have a Questions and Answers platform on your site, it’s worthless unless you actually get people to, well, answer the questions. Over 50% of millennials utilize user-generated content (UGC) to inform their purchase decisions about major electronics, cars, major appliances, and more. Furthermore, UGC like Questions and Answers or Ratings and Reviews is … Read more

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