Why Grocery Loyalty Programs are Need of the Hour?

by Natasha Ambavle |

Why Grocery Loyalty Programs are Need of the Hour?

A recent loyalty study states that 83% of consumers visit 4-9 different groceries in a year. Is brand loyalty non-existent in the grocery business? Or are you not giving your customers enough incentive to purchase from you? The latter is likely to be true in this case, because customers freely exhibit loyalty or favoritism towards … Read more

Why Grocery and Supermarket Retailers Should Take a Fresh Look at Loyalty

Grocery and Supermarket Retailers should opt for Loyalty

Grocery chains have traditionally relied heavily on blanket one-size-fits-all offers and blind circulars to incent customers with aggressive discounts. Forrester reports that 80 percent of customers want to be treated as individuals and receive communications and offers tailored to their unique preferences—and this applies just as much to the grocery industry as any other. Today’s … Read more

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