7 Ways Your Loyalty App Can Help Your Business Grow

by Natasha Ambavle |

7 Ways Your Loyalty App Can Help Your Business Grow

In 2022, loyalty is the talk of the town. While most brands are reaping the benefits of their loyalty strategies, others are adopting loyalty marketing and upgrading their programs to suit the requirements of modern-day consumers. A loyalty card app for business has become a necessity in this day and age. With a number of … Read more

The New Wave of Media Loyalty Programs

A consumer survey by Deloitte Consultancy found that 61% of the customers check their mobile phones within five minutes of waking up, every morning. Social media is the new ‘hangout’ or networking place of the world, and if you are not leveraging this platform through your media loyalty programs, you are missing out. Social Media … Read more

First Party Data and its Impact on Ecommerce- A Guide


With Google’s decision to ban third-party cookies on their Chrome browser, many advertising, marketing and analytics companies have strung into panic. Brands are now being forced to rethink their marketing strategies and focus on more reliable forms of data collection like emphasis on first party data. This should be identified as an opportunity to alter … Read more

A Brief Know-How of Data Privacy Laws

For every valuable commodity, there are rules and regulations in place, to ensure smooth and ethical resource management and transfer practices. A code of law is imperative to ensure that the commodity is ethically sourced, stored and transferred, be it gold, oil or data. Data is among the most valuable commodities in recent times and … Read more

Why is 1st Party Data Important to Loyalty and How Do You Use It?

We all have ‘accepted cookies’ hastily while browsing through websites. Most of the time even without giving it a second thought. What we seldom realize is that with just one click we are sharing information with a person, team, a company, or more. Sharing information is not necessarily a bad thing; provided that the data … Read more

Why You Need Data and How to Extract It

Have you ever heard the phrase “Scientia potentia est”? It’s Latin for ‘Knowledge is Power’. Just like you might not understand the Latin phrase but do understand its essence, you may not fully comprehend the complex subject called data. But certainly, you are aware of its infinite potential, because, in today’s day and age, Data … Read more

Why Loyalty May Be Just the Thing to Breathe New Life into Healthcare

Customer Loyalty for Healthcare Industry

The pandemic forced consumers to see healthcare differently. Patients today want a richer experience based on “know me, engage with me, educate me, and take care of me”. They want a healthcare partner. Patients also are seeking out new ways to get care and telehealth has accelerated the need to integrate in-person and virtual care. … Read more

Do You Know Your Customers Better Than Your Competitors?

Did you know, companies that adopt data-driven marketing are more likely to have an advantage over the competition and increase profitability? In fact, a recent Forbes article states that they are six times more likely to be profitable year-over-year. So, what is this customer data that drives success? In simple terms, it’s knowledge about your … Read more

First Party Data and its Impact on Retail – A Guide

Impact on Retail

With stricter government regulations now coming into effect and expensive costs to acquire unreliable and inaccurate third-party data, brands are now focusing all their efforts on collecting and analyzing first party data. First party data is collected directly from the customer and hence not only brings a high level of data accuracy, but also higher … Read more

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