How to Launch a Reward Program for Small Businesses

by Natasha Ambavle |

How to Launch a Reward Program for Small Businesses

rewards program for small businesses

If you think, that rewards and loyalty programs are only for multinational companies, and that your small business can never leverage the perks of such programs, think again! Yes, global brands from the likes of Tesla, H&M, Starbucks, Nike among others have greatly benefitted through loyalty programs, and with the help of innovative ideas and … Read more

Why We Love Experiential Rewards in 2019

customer experience annex cloud

These days, the best customer loyalty programs go way beyond the scope of the traditional points-for-purchase model. In fact, savvy customers often approach loyalty programs with skepticism, that perhaps rewards are a little too good to be true. It’s all about how you approach the program and what you plan to get out of it. … Read more

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