Vital Techniques and Strategies to Improve Customer Engagement

by Natasha Ambavle |

Vital Techniques and Strategies to Improve Customer Engagement

customer engagement strategies

In today’s competitive market, quality products and excellent service do not guarantee a good customer conversion rate. Customer retention is based on many factors such as customer engagement and customer experience. However, the former has a much larger impact and can even positively impact customer experience. Customer engagement programs are the cornerstone of brand-building activities … Read more

The Power of Consumer-Generated Marketing

consumer-generated marketing

Who remembers Apple’s iconic #ShotOnIPhone campaign or GoPro’s consumer-created pictures and videos? Chances are, most of us do because most of us either took photos for these campaigns or were exposed to a thousand images with the hashtag on our social media feed.  Content is king, wouldn’t you say? Imagine being able to market your … Read more

Customer Engagement Strategies in 2022

Customer Engagement

For any business to grow and flourish, it requires constant and unwavering support from its customers.  A one-time purchase isn’t enough to create a strong brand following, let alone continue in the market for a long time. To create a strong  brand identity and ensure maximum customer retention, brands need to engage with their customers … Read more

Boost Customer Lifetime Value with a Shared Purpose


Your brand makes a statement and should always reflect what you stand for.  This is your shared purpose with your customers.  The role of social and community support in connection with your brand and shared purpose with customers cannot be understated.   Shared values are increasingly gaining momentum and customers are motivated to join loyalty … Read more

Retaining Your Most Valuable Customers – Trends to Look For in 2022

Retaining your most valuable customers with trends to look for in 2020

If brands want to gain customer loyalty, then they must have a laser focus on retaining their most valuable customers.  So, what is customer retention? It’s your ability to keep your customers engaged by offering them great products and great service with high perceived value across every touchpoint in the customer journey.  Loyal customers mean … Read more

Use Loyalty to Surprise and Delight your Customers in a Recession

surprise and delight your customers in a recession

The world has come to a virtual standstill and the impact of an impending recession is going to be far-reaching. Given the looming economic downturn, a compelling lesson to learn is that excellent customer service is critical to your success and can greatly impact your bottom line. In order to be relevant in such uncertain … Read more

How to Connect with Customers During an Economic Downturn

Connect with Customers during an economic downturn

Since the double dip recession of 2008/2012, many companies are finding themselves in troubled waters yet again. No two economic downturns are alike and hence it is important to understand the changing consumption patterns of your customers and fine-tune your engagement strategies accordingly. Against this crisis backdrop, most  brands, retailers and manufacturers are rigorously searching … Read more

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