Online Shopping Shifts into Second Gear

by Sean Ogino |

Online Shopping Shifts into Second Gear

When working at a retail store a couple of years ago, I was amazed when my boss informed me that in the near future my job would be non-existent. Instead, our jobs would be replaced with desks and headsets, working with customers from the comforts of an office instead of in store. He explained that … Read more

Do You Value a Customer’s Online Experience?

In the past, consumers would head to stores looking for products to buy, fighting to find parking spots and waiting in long checkout lines. Nowadays, the trend is shifting, as more and more consumers are choosing to do their shopping online. In fact, E-commerce sales are increasing by 19% every year around the world. Shopping … Read more

eCommerce Evolved: Digital Darwinism

A growing field of eCommerce players, technological advances, and changing user expectations means that today’s retailer capabilities range from the widely adopted and well established to strategies that are still being defined by early adopters. A 2012 assessment of 100 top performing online retailers by Deloitte, “4th Annual eCommerce Assessment: digital retail leaders at the … Read more

Droolworthy Social Strategies

Solid social marketing strategies separate the extraordinary from the ordinary in the world of e-commerce.  Recent studies have found that 27% of total time online is spent on social networking sites. On top of that, 46% of online users rely on social media when making a purchase decision. Due to the fact that brand success … Read more

E-commerce: USA vs China

As the worlds population surges every year, China is poised to become the biggest online marketplace in the world within the next few years. China has approximately 193 million online shoppers which is more than any other country. In the next few years, these Chinese consumers will be spending $1000 per year online which is … Read more

Show Rooming

Show Rooming to Survive There has been a trend over the last couple of years called “show rooming”. According to a September 12th article on, show rooming is described as a process when “shoppers scope out merchandise in person, only to whip out a smartphone, shop around, and ultimately make the purchase elsewhere.” This … Read more

Apple, Inc. adoption of Social Media – To do or NOT to do.

Gone are the days when a company or individual identified its reputation based on the fan mails and e-mails they received. Welcome to the era of digital marketing and social engagement where an individual or company boasts its popularity by listing its thousands of likes or hundreds of followers. Facebook and Twitter are now fully … Read more

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