Amplifying Emotional Loyalty Through Customer Capitalism

by Erin Raese |

Amplifying Emotional Loyalty Through Customer Capitalism

What do great leaders and companies have in common? “Great companies help people lead great lives-they are a force for the good. Great leaders build and sustain such communities. They inspire team members to forge lives of meaning and purpose through service to others-service not merely satisfactory but so thoughtful, creative and caring that it … Read more

7 Ways Your Loyalty App Can Help Your Business Grow

In 2022, loyalty is the talk of the town. While most brands are reaping the benefits of their loyalty strategies, others are adopting loyalty marketing and upgrading their programs to suit the requirements of modern-day consumers. A loyalty card app for business has become a necessity in this day and age. With a number of … Read more

Decoding the Concept of Loyalty Marketing

Have you ever tried to collect sand in your palm? The more sand you try to accommodate, the more it slips through your fingers; much like acquiring and trying to retain customers. Just like sand, the logic behind customer retention is simple; focus on retaining the sand in your hands than trying to accommodate more. … Read more

Why Are Satisfied Customers Not Loyal?

One of the most common problems brands face in 2021, is customer attrition. According to Deloitte, in global markets, the churn rate is as high as 30%. The reasons for a high customer attrition rate could be many, but the most common reason is lack of loyalty. You may receive a high score on your … Read more

Top Customer Communication Frustrations and How to Solve Them

customer frustration

Unhappy customers are a part of the job. As a brand, you simply cannot please all your customers. Unsatisfied customers are bound to pop up time and again, pointing out flaws in your systems and raising flags in your strategies. However, taking them lightly is a luxury you simply cannot afford. Frustrated customers reverse years … Read more

Bridging the Gap Between Customer Expectations and Reality

customer expectation and reality

The first lesson we learn in sales 101 is – The customer is always right. Great customer experience is all about perception, so while brands may think they’re delivering what people want, at the end of the day, the customer’s perception is the only thing that matters. According to Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Brendan … Read more

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