A New View of Telecommunications Loyalty

by Bistriti Poddar |

A New View of Telecommunications Loyalty

customer retention strategies in telecom industry

The telecommunications industry occupies a unique space in that it’s less competitive, but customers report being more dissatisfied. Churn rates for telecom companies are high, averaging between 10 and 67% annually. The widespread grimace of this problem can be understood from the fact that roughly 75% of the 17 to 20 million subscribers signing up … Read more

Make Customers feel Valued with Department Store Loyalty Program

In the department store landscape, where customers are spoilt for choice – where to shop, how to shop, which brands to choose, loyalty is becoming more crucial than ever. It’s not anymore only about unique experiences, or value offering, but also effective rewards like customizable digital reward programs that make it worthwhile for shoppers to … Read more

Increase Customer Retention with a Dedicated Loyalty Program


The notable fact that retention is much cheaper than customer acquisition has led organizations to focus on developing strategies and programs dedicated to conveying gratitude to customers and making them feel valued. This strategy known as a dedicated loyalty program, creates customer loyalty plus, time guarantees high customer engagement, word of mouth and advocacy. These … Read more

Increase Customer Loyalty with these Customer Loyalty Techniques


Gaining new leads isn’t easy, and keeping the existing customers consistently engaged isn’t easy either. The key motive for any marketer should be to acquire loyal customers as they not only bring more profit to the business but also potentially reduce the operating cost for most businesses. The concept of Customer Loyalty goes beyond the … Read more

Guide to asking the right loyalty questions- Best Practices


If you are planning for an exclusive tiered reward program for your brand’s loyalty program solution, or perhaps a simple customer referral lead, the value of your loyalty program will always depend upon the rewards that you offer to your loyal brand advocates. The selection of a perfect reward is crucial as it distinctly showcases … Read more

Build an engaging customer experience with an incentive based program


An incentive based program primarily gives customers more perks and benefits in order to get greater engagement. While the conventional structure emphasizes on rewarding customers with every purchase they make, with an incentive based program, customers are rewarded when they cross or achieve a certain milestone.  To understand and evaluate what is good for your … Read more

Grow your Business Effectively with Customer Loyalty Analysis


One of the most crucial and hardest parts of establishing a thriving business is to attract new customers and retain the existing. Brands once emphasized more on customer service, but in today’s ecosystem, facilitating excellent customer service isn’t simply enough. The key to a successful business depends massively on the strategies that the brand exclusively … Read more

8 FAQs to Help You Understand Gaming Rewards Programs Better

In the loyalty arena, gamified loyalty and gaming rewards programs are the new buzzwords. While gamification has been around for decades, not everyone is familiar with the term and its significance in marketing and loyalty strategies. Here, we answer some frequently asked questions about gamified loyalty and help you understand the concept better. Q1. What … Read more

Delight Your Customers & Drive Retention with Points Reward Program

points reward program

Businesses aim on facilitating frequent purchases to secure greater engagement. Those brands, which incorporate repeated buying and selling of products or services, primarily need to focus on differentiating their business from other similar competitors. Points reward program motivates its members to exclusively purchase from your brand, because of high standards of the perceived value. The … Read more

Maximize Retention and Revenue with Subscription Business Model


What is a Subscription Business Model? Keeping the focus on customer retention rather than on customer acquisition, the Subscription Business Model is based on the idea of making fixed revenues by selling a product or service along with a recurring subscription profit. The entire model is carefully drafted in a way so that individual customers … Read more

Drive Retention with Attractive Level Loyalty Rewards


Loyalty Programs are playing an active role in the marketing domain for a long period now. With years of advancements and research done specifically to improve loyalty among customers, brands have come up with upgraded and futuristic loyalty programs that align excellently with brand values.  What are Level Loyalty Rewards and why are they attractive … Read more

Why Are Satisfied Customers Not Loyal?

One of the most common problems brands face in 2021, is customer attrition. According to Deloitte, in global markets, the churn rate is as high as 30%. The reasons for a high customer attrition rate could be many, but the most common reason is lack of loyalty. You may receive a high score on your … Read more

Creating Customer Feedback Loops To Boost Loyalty and Retention Rates

If I asked you to recall a few brand interactions as a consumer, chances are you may vividly remember interactions wherein your concerns or issues were promptly resolved by the brand.  According to Microsoft, “Brands are viewed more favorably by 77% of consumers if they proactively invite and accept customer feedback.” Customer feedback is a … Read more

Top Customer Communication Frustrations and How to Solve Them

customer frustration

Unhappy customers are a part of the job. As a brand, you simply cannot please all your customers. Unsatisfied customers are bound to pop up time and again, pointing out flaws in your systems and raising flags in your strategies. However, taking them lightly is a luxury you simply cannot afford. Frustrated customers reverse years … Read more

Deconstructing the Concept of Product Loyalty

People have a tendency to form preferences and associate themselves with people and things they either have similarities with or things that resonate with their values and aspirations. This is all part of the social construct which is reflected even in theories such as In-group favoritism and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. This sociological factor also … Read more

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