Strategic Advantages and a Playbook to Improve Customer Retention

by Natasha Ambavle |

Strategic Advantages and a Playbook to Improve Customer Retention

Imagine collecting seashells from the shore, putting them in your beach bag, then returning home to find the bag was torn, and you were left with nothing! As a company, if you have faced a similar predicament of securing new customers through expensive marketing strategies and failing to retain them, you’ve wasted important time and … Read more

Retain More Customers in 2021

Retain Customers

Imagine spending thousands on marketing campaigns and strategies to acquire new customers every year…and then routinely losing these customers to competitors or a new trending product in the market! Each year, companies across various sectors allot a whopping figure solely for customer acquisition. But to make the most of this investment, a company must have … Read more

Client Retention and Strategies for 2021-22

Client Retention Strategies

Brands and companies across the world are focusing more on client retention programs as compared to customer acquisition. Ever wondered why? The answer is simple. Repeat purchases are cost-efficient, and more importantly, they promote brand loyalty. Loyal customers have a high customer value and are an asset to any company. They spend more on the … Read more

Customer Retention Rate is the North Star Metric of your Business

Customer Retention Rate is the North star metric

In order to grow a sustainable business, retention becomes one of the most vital parameters to gauge the health of your business. If you don’t have an impressive customer retention rate, it’s like filling up a bucket with holes. Customer retention is essentially a lot of effective strategies centred around keeping customers for a long … Read more

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