Increase Customer Retention with a Dedicated Loyalty Program

by Bistriti Poddar |

Increase Customer Retention with a Dedicated Loyalty Program


The notable fact that retention is much cheaper than customer acquisition has led organizations to focus on developing strategies and programs dedicated to conveying gratitude to customers and making them feel valued. This strategy known as a dedicated loyalty program, creates customer loyalty plus, time guarantees high customer engagement, word of mouth and advocacy. These … Read more

Increase Customer Loyalty with these Customer Loyalty Techniques


Gaining new leads isn’t easy, and keeping the existing customers consistently engaged isn’t easy either. The key motive for any marketer should be to acquire loyal customers as they not only bring more profit to the business but also potentially reduce the operating cost for most businesses. The concept of Customer Loyalty goes beyond the … Read more

Guide to asking the right loyalty questions- Best Practices


If you are planning for an exclusive tiered reward program for your brand’s loyalty program solution, or perhaps a simple customer referral lead, the value of your loyalty program will always depend upon the rewards that you offer to your loyal brand advocates. The selection of a perfect reward is crucial as it distinctly showcases … Read more

5 Best Tips to Leveraging a Customer Referral Program

Customer referral program helps brands gain the competitive edge

Leveraging a well-designed customer referral program helps brands gain the competitive edge when it comes to attracting quality referrals through existing customers. However, simply having such a program in place is of no use if it is not efficient enough to churn out referrals to meet your set goals. In this blog post, we will … Read more

Loyalty Solutions and their Impact on Businesses

loyalty solutions

What do Reebok, Starbucks, and IKEA have in common? All are leading players in their respective industries, and each has a strong brand following. That powerful brand loyalty distinguishes them and puts them way ahead of their competition, giving the brand an almost cultlike status in some markets. Thanks to their highly efficient loyalty solutions, … Read more

Analyzing Customer Experience and Tips to Improve It

customer experience is

Have you ever changed your broadband or telecom service provider because of the lousy services they offered? or Have you avoided a spa or restaurant that was poorly managed and had unprofessional staff? The answer to both these questions is most likely – Yes! According to Microsoft, “90% of Americans use customer service as a … Read more

Understanding Loyalty Card Systems

Loyalty Card System

The loyalty system dates back to the 18th Century when American retailers started giving out copper coins to their customers, which could be redeemed on their next purchase. This marketing strategy gained traction, and copper coins were first replaced with tokens and then stamps. Today, loyalty programs are represented either in the form of plastic … Read more

Leverage Education Loyalty Programs to Boost Students’ Engagement

Education Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty has evolved onto digital platforms and allows businesses in all sectors to engage with their customers in multiple, innovative ways. The loyalty programs have taken companies by storm as they encourage (and incentivize) specific behaviour from customers. A robust education loyalty program motivates students throughout their journey while fulfilling the institution’s ultimate goal. … Read more

Top 5 Health and Wellness Loyalty Programs You Should Know

Healthcare Loyalty Programs

The more positively and effectively a business engages with its customers, the more referral companies receive. This is the case in the healthcare sector too. A successfully devised and personalized level of engagement is much more likely to garner patient loyalty. The need to improve patient loyalty increases since patients can move to another hospital … Read more

Annex Cloud Partners with Listrak to Elevate Customers’ Experience by Leveraging Robust Loyalty Data and More Powerful Digital Marketing Automation

partnership with Listrak

Annex Cloud, a leading customer loyalty and experience solutions firm has announced its partnership with Listrak, a reputed digital marketing automation platform provider company. The integration empowers global brands to foster deeper, more meaningful relationships that increase engagement, revenue, and loyalty. Integrating Annex Cloud’s Loyalty Experience Manager™ with Listrak’s Marketing Automation Cloud will enable brands … Read more

Annex Cloud Partners with Infobip to Drive Enhanced Loyalty Via Personalized Customer Communication

Enhanced Loyalty

Annex Cloud, a reputed customer loyalty solutions provider, has announced its strategic partnership with Infobip – a leading Cloud-based communications platform provider company. Infobip provides rich communication channels for brands to facilitate seamless, more relevant customer communication, and ultimately drive better retention. The strategic partnership between the two firms is well poised to reinforce customer … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide To Bank Loyalty Programs : Best Features & Examples Included

Bank Loyalty Program

Bank Loyalty Program, or bank rewards program, enables banks to effectively reward and incentivize customers. As per a study, 81% of modern banking customers expect incentives either in form of bank loyalty programs or as signup bonuses. It clearly indicates the sheer essence of having a bank loyalty program in place for your customers to … Read more

5 Reasons Why Community Loyalty Programs Are Crucial

Community loyalty programs work in conjunction with existing loyalty programs,

The influential role community loyalty programs play in fostering customer retention is just not easy to overlook. Though community loyalty programs work in conjunction with existing loyalty programs, these carry incredible potential to add new touch points to your loyalty program framework, thereby allowing you to reinforce your relationships with your customers. Let’s explore in … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Customer Loyalty Cards

Comprehensive Guide to Customer Loyalty Cards

Fostering customer loyalty in this fierce industry competition has become one of the most significant topics in the current business era, especially when it comes to enhancing customer retention. Customer loyalty cards as distinctive instruments of loyalty program enable brands to deliver a seamless loyalty program participation experience to customers. In this blog post, we … Read more

5 Best Restaurant Loyalty Programs to Seamlessly Draw Customers

restaurant loyalty programs

A restaurant’s revenue growth primarily depends on the number of its returning customers as these loyal customers spend more, thereby generating larger revenue for the restaurant business. However, keeping the customers coming back to your restaurant demands a little extra effort, the most logical move being implementation of well-structured restaurant loyalty programs. In this blog post, … Read more

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