How Referral Reward Programs Can Drive Engagement and Foster Growth

by Natasha Ambavle |

How Referral Reward Programs Can Drive Engagement and Foster Growth

If you are unclear about the scope and success rate of referral programs, here’s a fun fact – 88% of Americans say they would prefer to be incentivized or rewarded for sharing their product recommendations on their social media as well as to their family and friends. Purchase decisions are based on many factors, such … Read more

Reward Card Programs – An Extensive Guide

Marketing is not limited to just print, broadcast, and outdoor advertising anymore. As the competition grows, it has become crucial for brands to prove themselves to consumers in the market by building a strong relationship with the clientele. Dedicated customers not only ensure great sales but often also have a high lifetime value. This should … Read more

Understanding Loyalty Card Systems

Loyalty Card System

The loyalty system dates back to the 18th Century when American retailers started giving out copper coins to their customers, which could be redeemed on their next purchase. This marketing strategy gained traction, and copper coins were first replaced with tokens and then stamps. Today, loyalty programs are represented either in the form of plastic … Read more

Customer Retention Rate is the North Star Metric of your Business

Customer Retention Rate is the North star metric

In order to grow a sustainable business, retention becomes one of the most vital parameters to gauge the health of your business. If you don’t have an impressive customer retention rate, it’s like filling up a bucket with holes. Customer retention is essentially a lot of effective strategies centred around keeping customers for a long … Read more

Creating Positive Brand Experience with Effective Engagement Marketing

Effective Engagement Marketing

It goes without saying that increasing your engagement can increase your business success. Engagement marketing is creating strategic, intentional, meaningful and personalized messaging to engage with your customers to build lasting relationships. Instead of flashing ads, it’s more important to connect with your modern customers through meaningful interactions and engagement marketing plays a vital role … Read more

Accelerate Revenue with Effective Loyalty Program Rewards

Effective Loyalty Program Rewards

In today’s times when change is the only constant, retaining your loyal customers is critical for success. The payoff for customer retention is big: a 5% increase in retained customers yields 25-95% more profit, according to Bain & Company. Loyalty rewards programs can not only turn your shoppers into brand advocates, but also improve positive … Read more

Launching a Loyalty Program and Measuring its Success

launching a loyalty program

There is no argument over this – Acquiring customers is good, but retaining customers is better. A popular statistic says increasing customer retention by 5% can boost profits by up to 90%. This little piece of statistic has shifted the focus of the brands on retaining existing customers. The Pareto principle is applicable everywhere, and … Read more

Maximize Your Customer Loyalty Program

customer loyalty program

There’s no doubt the popularity of loyalty marketing programs has consistently been on the rise with a reported 3.3 billion customer loyalty memberships in 2015 and a 26% increase in memberships reported since 2013. However, the flip side of that growth, is actual consumer participation has dropped. The average U.S. household belongs to 29 loyalty … Read more

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