A New View of Telecommunications Loyalty

by Bistriti Poddar |

A New View of Telecommunications Loyalty

customer retention strategies in telecom industry

The telecommunications industry occupies a unique space in that it’s less competitive, but customers report being more dissatisfied. Churn rates for telecom companies are high, averaging between 10 and 67% annually. The widespread grimace of this problem can be understood from the fact that roughly 75% of the 17 to 20 million subscribers signing up … Read more

Increase Program Engagement with Gamified Loyalty


Customer acquisition has always been expensive when compared to customer retention. Even when in-depth research in this field has provided marketers with an effective solution to keep up with customer retention, tighter competition and technological advancements have made it challenging for businesses to design loyalty programs that specifically stand out. Hence, gamification of Loyalty Programs … Read more

Build Meaningful brand Experiences with an Effective Digital Loyalty Card


A Digital Loyalty Card is the advanced version of a traditional loyalty card that is interlinked with the brand’s digital app and can be controlled through a customer’s mobile phone, making the entire process seamless and hassle free. According to a Citrus report, 80% of customers engage more with a brand that has a loyalty … Read more

Is Online Ecommerce Business Profitable?

Is online ecommerce business profitable

An eCommerce business is a booming industry but it takes more than selecting a brand name to make it profitable, it all boils down to how much traffic you can generate to your site. In simple words, you must get buyers and have them purchase from your online store to make enough profits. As a … Read more

Maximize Retention and Revenue with Subscription Business Model


What is a Subscription Business Model? Keeping the focus on customer retention rather than on customer acquisition, the Subscription Business Model is based on the idea of making fixed revenues by selling a product or service along with a recurring subscription profit. The entire model is carefully drafted in a way so that individual customers … Read more

Drive Retention with Attractive Level Loyalty Rewards


Loyalty Programs are playing an active role in the marketing domain for a long period now. With years of advancements and research done specifically to improve loyalty among customers, brands have come up with upgraded and futuristic loyalty programs that align excellently with brand values.  What are Level Loyalty Rewards and why are they attractive … Read more

First Party Data and its Impact on Ecommerce- A Guide


With Google’s decision to ban third-party cookies on their Chrome browser, many advertising, marketing and analytics companies have strung into panic. Brands are now being forced to rethink their marketing strategies and focus on more reliable forms of data collection like emphasis on first party data. This should be identified as an opportunity to alter … Read more

How Investing in Loyalty Solutions Ensures a Promising Future for Businesses.

Investing in Loyalty Solutions Ensures a Promising Future

Why are more and more brands focusing on loyalty solutions today?  What is it that makes loyalty solutions a perfect fit for inclusion in your business strategy? Definitely, the answers to these crucial questions depends on the efficacy of loyalty solutions to transform and boost your existing business. Tapping the full potential of loyalty solutions … Read more

First Party Data and its Impact on Retail – A Guide

Impact on Retail

With stricter government regulations now coming into effect and expensive costs to acquire unreliable and inaccurate third-party data, brands are now focusing all their efforts on collecting and analyzing first party data. First party data is collected directly from the customer and hence not only brings a high level of data accuracy, but also higher … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Loyalty Applications

Loyalty Applications

Brand loyalty, customer loyalty, and loyalty programs are commonly mentioned terms in modern-day marketing. Loyalty programs, overall, are based on incentive theory, which suggests that behavior is motivated by a desire for reinforcement or incentives. The psychological effect loyalty and reward programs have on customers is one of the prime reasons these remain valid and … Read more

A Study on Target’s Loyalty Program: The Target Circle

Target's Loyalty Program

In October 2019,  Target introduced a new loyalty offering –The Target Circle. In 2020, The Target Circle celebrated its first anniversary with over 80 million members! The statistics are astonishing, and we’re certain they have already piqued your interest. So what exactly is Target’s loyalty program? What was its impact, and why was it successful? The … Read more

Telecommunication Loyalty Programs – A Proven Approach for Customer Retention

Telecommunication Loyalty Programs

The tremendous changes and growth in the telecommunications industry have created new opportunities for providers and a battlefield for keeping customers. An increasingly competitive environment has arisen with the emergence of new networks. The ever-changing demands and preferences of customers have shifted the focus of providers towards building customer loyalty. To compete in this new … Read more

Know the Best Travel and Hospitality Loyalty Programs to Drive More Referrals

Travel and Hospitality Loyalty Programs

The hospitality sector is a highly competitive market, which creates challenges for hoteliers in gaining customer loyalty. As travel and hospitality loyalty programs can prove to be a key driver in retaining customers and gaining patronage and loyalty, businesses should launch a robust loyalty program to target consumers in unique ways and offer more personalized … Read more

Leverage Education Loyalty Programs to Boost Students’ Engagement

Education Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty has evolved onto digital platforms and allows businesses in all sectors to engage with their customers in multiple, innovative ways. The loyalty programs have taken companies by storm as they encourage (and incentivize) specific behaviour from customers. A robust education loyalty program motivates students throughout their journey while fulfilling the institution’s ultimate goal. … Read more

Top 5 Health and Wellness Loyalty Programs You Should Know

Healthcare Loyalty Programs

The more positively and effectively a business engages with its customers, the more referral companies receive. This is the case in the healthcare sector too. A successfully devised and personalized level of engagement is much more likely to garner patient loyalty. The need to improve patient loyalty increases since patients can move to another hospital … Read more

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