Everything you Need to Know About Customer Loyalty Cards

by Bistriti Poddar |

Everything you Need to Know About Customer Loyalty Cards

An Effective Omnichannel Experience is Key to Success

Customer Loyalty Cards are a powerful marketing tool that influences customers to keep returning to your business. In return for their loyalty and dedication, the customer is rewarded with special offers, points and discounts, that help them engage even more deeply with the brand or business and promote additional purchases. Regardless of increasing competition and … Read more

Understanding Loyalty Card Systems

Loyalty Card System

The loyalty system dates back to the 18th Century when American retailers started giving out copper coins to their customers, which could be redeemed on their next purchase. This marketing strategy gained traction, and copper coins were first replaced with tokens and then stamps. Today, loyalty programs are represented either in the form of plastic … Read more

A Complete Know-How of Customer Cards

Customer Card

A few years ago, almost every other person in the US had a COSTCO, Starbucks, or some other membership card from retailers across the country. While most physical cards were replaced with virtual cards, the concept remains and is only gaining momentum – and they provide incredible value to both the brand and its customer. … Read more

Customer Loyalty Cards Encourage Customers to Return Back

Customer Loyalty Cards

Visit any coffee shop or a book store, and they will offer you customer loyalty cards at the checkout as a souvenir gift. They label it as a token of appreciation for visiting the store or chain, of course, but they are a very important piece of the puzzle in the marketing strategy. Your wallet … Read more

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