Decoding the Concept of Loyalty Marketing

by Natasha Ambavle |

Decoding the Concept of Loyalty Marketing

Have you ever tried to collect sand in your palm? The more sand you try to accommodate, the more it slips through your fingers; much like acquiring and trying to retain customers. Just like sand, the logic behind customer retention is simple; focus on retaining the sand in your hands than trying to accommodate more. … Read more

Creating Customer Feedback Loops To Boost Loyalty and Retention Rates

If I asked you to recall a few brand interactions as a consumer, chances are you may vividly remember interactions wherein your concerns or issues were promptly resolved by the brand.  According to Microsoft, “Brands are viewed more favorably by 77% of consumers if they proactively invite and accept customer feedback.” Customer feedback is a … Read more

Break Down Data Silos to Build Emotional Bonds & Drive Loyalty

break down data silos

According to SmarterHQ, 63% of consumers stop purchasing products and services from companies who poorly execute personalization. Personalization is good for business. In fact, Adweek reports that personalization can reduce acquisition costs by as much as 50%, increase revenues up to 15% and increase marketing spend efficiency as much as 30%. No wonder that, according … Read more

Engage and Retain your Most Valuable Customers with Content

engage and retain

It is a well known fact that customers leave if they are poorly treated or if they don’t feel connected with your brand. Accenture finds that 52% of consumers substituted or stopped buying a brand due to poor customer service, resulting in roughly $1.6 trillion losses in the U.S. itself. The only way to prevent … Read more

Harness Customer Feedback To Improve Customer Retention


According to research, almost 68% of customers leave a company because they feel nobody cares. We all know that customer behavior is evolving with time and scoring repeat purchases means continuously coming up with products that your customers really want. But how do you know what they actually want? Through customer feedback! It’s not a … Read more

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