Amplifying Emotional Loyalty Through Customer Capitalism

by Erin Raese |

Amplifying Emotional Loyalty Through Customer Capitalism

What do great leaders and companies have in common? “Great companies help people lead great lives-they are a force for the good. Great leaders build and sustain such communities. They inspire team members to forge lives of meaning and purpose through service to others-service not merely satisfactory but so thoughtful, creative and caring that it … Read more

7 Ways Your Loyalty App Can Help Your Business Grow

In 2022, loyalty is the talk of the town. While most brands are reaping the benefits of their loyalty strategies, others are adopting loyalty marketing and upgrading their programs to suit the requirements of modern-day consumers. A loyalty card app for business has become a necessity in this day and age. With a number of … Read more

A-Z of Coalition Loyalty Programs

At the rate at which, partnered or coalition loyalty programs are increasing; 2022 may very well be the year of partnership. As various businesses explore the concept of partnership from Fendi x Skims, Elf x Chipotle, Ikea x Lego, Dicks x Nike extending the partnership to a loyalty program can prove to be highly beneficial … Read more

How Loyalty Influences Branding

In the business world, two important factors that differentiate laggards from leaders are – Branding and Loyal Customers. Branding is the distinct identity of a brand that separates it from its and competitors and loyal customers are the backbone of a strong brand. According to Harvard Business Review, “Loyalty leaders grow revenue roughly 2.5x faster … Read more

The New Face of Loyalty – Hybrid Loyalty Programs

Why do people, in general, pay more for a custom outfit when they can easily get something off the rack for a much lower rate? Well, because a well-designed outfit that is tailored especially for your body frame with your specifications has more appeal than something that is mass-generated, wouldn’t you agree? A hybrid loyalty … Read more

Your Guide to Selecting A Suitable Loyalty Partner

If you are in the market for a loyalty partner but don’t know how to go about your search, we are here for you. Loyalty programs are a hot topic now as businesses are looking to strengthen their ties with their customers and a good loyalty partner can help to achieve this and more. Here, … Read more

Guide to asking the right loyalty questions- Best Practices


If you are planning for an exclusive tiered reward program for your brand’s loyalty program solution, or perhaps a simple customer referral lead, the value of your loyalty program will always depend upon the rewards that you offer to your loyal brand advocates. The selection of a perfect reward is crucial as it distinctly showcases … Read more

Build an engaging customer experience with an incentive based program


An incentive based program primarily gives customers more perks and benefits in order to get greater engagement. While the conventional structure emphasizes on rewarding customers with every purchase they make, with an incentive based program, customers are rewarded when they cross or achieve a certain milestone.  To understand and evaluate what is good for your … Read more

The Interplay of Loyalty

There is a lot of talk lately around customer loyalty, how to be effective and ultimately successful. One aspect often missed is that loyalty is a two-way street. As marketers, we expect our customers to be loyal to us–but are we being loyal to our customers? This is a great read to help you think … Read more

Exploring The Customer-Centric Approach

If the Customer is King, isn’t it obvious that your business and marketing strategies must be designed keeping your customers in mind? A Deloitte report that states, “Customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable” reiterates the fact that designing a customer-centric approach is more valuable than focusing simply on profits. But what exactly is a customer-centric … Read more

How Investing in Loyalty Solutions Ensures a Promising Future for Businesses.

Investing in Loyalty Solutions Ensures a Promising Future

Why are more and more brands focusing on loyalty solutions today?  What is it that makes loyalty solutions a perfect fit for inclusion in your business strategy? Definitely, the answers to these crucial questions depends on the efficacy of loyalty solutions to transform and boost your existing business. Tapping the full potential of loyalty solutions … Read more

Why You Need Data and How to Extract It

Have you ever heard the phrase “Scientia potentia est”? It’s Latin for ‘Knowledge is Power’. Just like you might not understand the Latin phrase but do understand its essence, you may not fully comprehend the complex subject called data. But certainly, you are aware of its infinite potential, because, in today’s day and age, Data … Read more

Why Customer Experience Is the New Marketing

Every party that ends with the guests telling the host that they had a good time or ‘What a lovely experience the night was’, can be safely deemed as a successful party! Wouldn’t you agree? People are all about experiences and having enough great ones will overshadow minor inconveniences and errors. People react similarly as … Read more

What Does First-party Data Have Over Third-party?

First-party Data Have Over Third-party

With third-party cookies going away, first-party data, the data you collect through your loyalty program, is your golden ticket to successful acquisition and retention. Here are some ways first-party data helps you deliver the experience your customers’ desire: Increased Relevance First-party data takes the guesswork out of determining who your audience is since it’s collected … Read more

Vital Techniques and Strategies to Improve Customer Engagement

customer engagement strategies

In today’s competitive market, quality products and excellent service do not guarantee a good customer conversion rate. Customer retention is based on many factors such as customer engagement and customer experience. However, the former has a much larger impact and can even positively impact customer experience. Customer engagement programs are the cornerstone of brand-building activities … Read more

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